Monday, 12 August 2013

Repainting and Reframing

Spend all day Friday painting frames and framing my work to take to Norfolk. Packed them into the car and set off Saturday morning. Had to brake sharply and the whole lot fell over. Lesson one, secure paintings with seat belt! Carried on with fingers crossed.
Gallery owner was pleased to see me as he'd sold all but one of the paintings he took last time. He did warn me that he'd probably only take a couple as he's got so many new artists on his books and he can only hang so many paintings. OK, I can handle that.
We took all six through into the gallery to discover that one frame was chipped and the others had scratch/ rub marks on them. Lesson two. Don't use cheaper paint.
In spite of the marks Stuart selected five of the six. He approved of my colour choice for the frames so the paintings were then packed back into the car to be 'sorted'.
A quick trip to B & Q to buy expensive paint and most of Sunday spent reframing and painting.

All done


  1. Lovely paintings and great frames - suit your palette Mo! What colour/paint do you use?

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  3. I love B&Q. I once told my friends that my ideal 'Secret Santa' would be a £5 B&Q voucher and they fell about laughing!

    PS. Expensive paint always works out cheaper in the long run.


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