Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 8 of 30

A wonderful lazy Sunday. Spent morning with two granddaughters, her other grandparents and Jo.
After lunch went to a local Gala and met up with friends we'd not seen for too long plus other folks we chatted to. By the time we got home time was getting on. Normally I wouldn't have bothered painting but ..... the challenge! Still determined to paint from life I went foraging in the garden and came back with some plums.
Who knew there were SO many colours in a plum!!! This one was quite a challenge and if it weren't for the fact I want to post the days' painting I don't think I would have put it on the Internet .

Had another look this morning and just wasn't happy with the shape of the bowl so I allowed myself half an hour to tweek and here is the FINAL painting

6" x 8" oil on canvas board £45


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