Monday, 2 September 2013

Day two

The best laid plans and all that! Was going out with the easel today but a poorly granddaughter changed the plans. I am determined to work from life for the 30 painting challenge so I scoured the studio for my subject. I always meant to paint these three little egg cups so, why not now?
I pre mixed my colours as I was working small but changed them as the painting progressed.
I find it difficult to draw oval shapes so drew it out first

I put in the shadows working quickly as my little person was having her afternoon nap. I had to change the shapes slightly by cutting in. I painted the background and the egg cups simultaneously adding the highlights at the end.i was slightly distracted at this time as Peppa Pig was on in the background and I had one eye on a not so poorly anymore granddaughter .

The photo has come out a bit on the warm side. I will definitely give this subject another go. Maybe towards the end of the month ,then I'll see if any progress has been made.
There already some great paintings that have been done by the 300 or so artists taking part .

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