Thursday, 10 October 2013

Painting at Barnack

On Tuesday I did my stint stewarding at The Welland Valley art exhibition.
where there are some excellent paintings on show. If you happen to be in Stamford go along to at the Art Centre. It's on until the 19th October.

The promised rain still hadn't arrived so on the way home decided to paint at the 'Hills & Holes' at Barnack. A favorite place to visit when the boys were little. Well, I drove around Barnack area, could I find it? No! I'd noticed a river scene as I first turned off so went back.
The light was changing very quickly and I'd wasted precious painting time driving around so only had an hour to paint, I felt a bit rushed but did enjoy myself.

River at Barnack 10 X 12"

I shall have to go back another day. Mind you NEXT time I will NOT wear sandals in a field previously occupied by a large herd of cows! ewww.

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