Saturday, 4 January 2014

Day 4. Shattered beach huts

Stormy wet morning so I worked this painting from a sketch I started yesterday before getting rained off. The storm had done much damage to the pier and seafront at Cromer. Not surprising then to see a heap of coloured wood at the base of the cliffs. These used to be much valued beach huts.
A few people were out strolling in spite of the threatening rain, I liked the way they reflected in the wet sand.

Approaching storm 10" x 12" oil on board


  1. I think this is gorgeous; you have found light on a dull day and those reflections are fabulous.

  2. there is a Turner like mood to your work Mo that I love. Wow how beautifully you have captured the colors of the days and the light reflections.

  3. Really atmospheric painting, Mo. I can feel the storm in the air.

  4. I love the mood created by your wonderful use of color! Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful work! So moody and evocative.


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