Friday, 21 February 2014

Brancaster & Repps-with-Bastwick

Wednesday 19th was another 'meet up' for the UK Plein air group at Brancaster. Ten hardy souls turned up and we had really good weather, if not just a tad windy. We spent a bit of time discussing our various set ups of easels and pochades. Artists are such a creative lot. Many had made their own. I've got some plans for my own based on the Open Box M but it won't be as fancy. I took my field easel this time as I was fed up having to hang onto my lightweight set up last time.
This is the morning painting. I am taken with this boat, last time I painted it it was facing the other way but I prefer this aspect, seeing the prow (?)

Fishing Boat, Brancaster Staithe 10" x 12" oil on board

  It needs a bit of work in the studio but I am generally quite pleased with it

The Jolly Sailors was packed out at lunch time as it is half term, must reserve a table another time. We did manage to squeeze into a small room much to the disapproval of a local that was perched at the bar doing the crossword.

After lunch I find it difficult to get going again but decided to tackle the mud again. I find it such a challenge. I was looking into the light and the sun was reflecting strongly off it. not pleased withe painting but I did learn from it. (like - don't paint mud!)

Here it is

Into the Light 10" x 12" oil on canvas

I left before sunset as I had to get to Norwich. The light on the trees as the sun went down was fantastic (I don't think I should have been driving) I kept looking around and wanting to stop and paint.
I stayed with Stephen and Rohan overnight so I could get to Repps=-with-Bastwick on the Norfolk Broads the next day where I spent a lovely day running an acrylic workshop I was so busy I forgot to take a photo of the group but here is the demo I did for them. 

Acrylic demo

What an amazing group of ladies, I had so much fun and a group of them are going to come on my painting holiday in France next September

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Had a great morning painting at Morston on the Norfolk coast. The tide was nearly out for the first picture. These are the boats that take you out to see the seals. All the years I've been coming to this part of Norfolk, I've never been. Must go as it could make an interesting subject.

Waiting for the Tide 6" x 6" oil on linen board

I so enjoyed painting this that I decided on another painting. The tide was now well out so i was able to get right down in the channel. These two boats gave lovely reflections in the wet mud. They are surrounded by mussel shells. The cage on the left had bags of mussels in.

Mussel Boats oil on canvas board 10" x 12"

 The main advantage of standing in thick mud is that you don't get bothered by interested by passers.

Friday, 14 February 2014

East Runton

It was an early start as I had to be in Norfolk for an Open Studio group meeting at 10.30.
 Got to our cottage at 10am so there was just enough time to light the wood burner.
The meeting took place at Beeston Regis cafe. Artist Rainie Kay has organised an art trail for my area in Norfolk open studio. 24th May - 4th June 2014.
Eight of us got together to discuss leaflets, cards advertising etc.  It is a lovely group with a wide variety of of styles and skills.
After the meeting I headed just down the road to East Runton. For a change it was warmer on the beach than on the cliffs because the wind was coming off the land. It was a joy to see so many people walking their dogs and enjoying the sun.
This painting only took an hour and I could quite happily painted a second but didn't have another board with me, so it was back to the cottage to check on the fire and a hot bowl of home made soup.

East Runton 10" x 12" oil on board

Available framed £390

After lunch I went in search of potential inland subjects and found a delightful scene on my way to Thornage. I painted til the light went and I got too cold. That painting?? Well let's just say it needs a bit of work!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Windy Wednesday

A date had been set to paint at Brancaster Staithe not knowing at the time what the weather would have in for us. Having said I was going I wasn't going to let the weather defeat me.
Haidee-Jo Summers was going too so we decided to share the journey as she was passing the end of my road.
The skies were so black and full of rain but by the time we got to BS the sun was shining. The wind though was another matter.
Quite a few artists had already arrived and were tucked in behind their cars for shelter. I only had my pochade and tripod with me which are very lightweight. Big mistake, I couldn't take my hand off it and it still blew over at least twice.

In spite of the weather everyone seemed to produce good paintings and we had a lovely lunch, chatting in the local, The Jolly Sailors

Brancaster Staithe 10" x 12" oil on board

I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The River Glen

I had an early appointment this morning and as it was such a sunny day, I threw my painting gear in the car. I had intended going to Surfleet Res. where three rivers converge and there are usually a few boats but I didn't get that far. This little view stopped me in my tracks.

River Glen £390  10" x 12" oil

I'll have to see if I mange to get there next time