Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Pain in the Neck

Oh Lordy, now what have I done?
Woke up in the night with a pain in my neck and shoulder now, today, I can hardly move it. Well at least it takes the mind off the shooting pains in my ankle!!

Frank has got my Mum's old mobility scooter going and I'm using it to whizz around the house. It's great and I'm getting very good at maneuvering. There is one tight doorway which I now have sussed (might need a touch of paint later).
I have ventured out on it once but don't feel very safe on it. It's very light weight. I'm pleased that Dad bought himself a sturdy one. He used to come and see me on Mum's . You could see him belting along the pavement almost taking off at the curbs. I nearly had heart failure watching him.

A great advantage of the scooter is being able to move stuff around. If I drive carefully I can even take a coffee through to the sitting room. The best thing tho is moving things around in the studio so - on a very positive side - yesterday I painted!!!

in the studio at last

Of course, as soon as I think I've got set up I realise that I've left a vital bit of kit at the other side of the room but at least I'm getting there.
Today, I'll just have to make sure that every thing is in front of me so that I don't need to turn my head - ouch

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  1. Neck pain can really be uncomfortable and disturbing, especially when it attacks in the middle of the night. I think you need to relax your mind and visit a specialist for some recommendations on what effective therapy or medications you have to take. Anyway, painting is a nice hobby to refresh your soul from any kind of stress, so you should really keep on doing it. I’m hoping for your recovery, Mo! Stay positive and strong!

    Derek Sparks @ Forgey Chiropractic


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