Monday, 22 September 2014

Dad's 90th & a Family Weekend

Well my Dad hit the 90's on Friday and to celebrate on his birthday I took him to the local where some his friend s were waiting for us

Dad, Pam, Noel, Betty & Mo

A great time was had by all and he thought that was it! Nope - another surprise was installed for Saturday.
He walked into my lounge Saturday lunchtime to be surprised by all of his Great Grandchildren popping up from behind the settee. Poor chap, glad his heart isn't too weak. The look on his face was a picture


It was great to have all our boys, their wives, & children plus My brother Peter, wife Jill, Daughter Rachel & Granddaughter Paige. Also Aunty Jonnie, Steve, cousins Lisa & Sean and their children Molly & Grace. In all 16 adults and 9 children. There were a lot of helpers with the presents

I have to say my daughter in laws were brilliant. I am out of action with a broken ankle and only managed to get home from France on the Tuesday. I'd been a bit worried as to how I was going to manage but everything was sorted. The food was very good and Rohan made the most amazing cakes and puddings - what stars. I didn't set my good foot inside the kitchen once.
Mind you , those that know me will know how frustrating that was.

Then we attempted the impossible - getting all the grandchildren together for a photo.
I think it went very well, we even managed to get Summer in the picture for the first time.

Summer, Stephen holding Effie, Ivor, Ishobel, Dad, Grace, Rufus, Molly and Lilah

With Rachel & Paige

Rohan, Steve, Adam, Wanda, Rachel, Nathan & Jo

Pete, Dad, Jill, Frank & Mo

All in all a brilliant day. He received some lovely presents including rather a lot of whiskey, We have decided, he won't be preserved - just pickled. Frank walked back with him at the end of the day as he drove home on his mobility scooter. Thanks again all that came and that helped to make Dad's 90th birthday such a good one.

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