Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Progress so Far

Yea! I'm plastered. All feels a bit more secure - let the itching begin.

It's almost a week now since I arrived back from France and it's 16 days since I broke my ankle.

At Stansted with nurse Brian

I am getting very good at lassoing my foot with a knicker leg also at going up and down stairs on my bottom. Things I am not good at are crutches. Main problem is that the leg taking all my weight is in need of a new hip. Yep - more metal work. My arms are getting stronger, for the first couple of days they felt bruised as if I'd had a work out at the gym. The other difficulty is getting down to and up off the floor to go down the stairs.
I can't get into our bathroom with steps down as there is nothing to pull myself up on, also they are cold tiles. I tried it once, not a pleasant experience. So it's a strip wash in the spare room.
We have the decorators here painting the outside at the moment so have to be up early as they're here by 8am and you never know which window they will appear at.

I have had to cancel so much, the main thing being a painting trip to Venice with two dear friends. We were staying in Ken Howard's Venice studio. Can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am about that one. Painting friends will understand.
Yesterday I found out that I had been selected as one of only 30 artists to take part in plein air event in Norwich. A great honor but fear i may have to turn it down as I would have to rely too heavily on someone to help me.
I have had to let my friend Linda down too. I was one of the demonstrators for A Brush with the Broads, something else I was looking forward to .

One thing I refuse  to miss out on is a reunion I have organised for the painting group that came to Holt Hall, Norfolk. Twenty or so of the best painters and loveliest of people I know. Some are coming from Holland. We are all staying in Blakeney and painting the North Norfolk coast. Haven't worked out how I will get about let alone paint but wild horses won't keep me away from that reunion.

Food wise we have been coping well. or should I say Frank has. He has been a star and produced some fantastic meals. I have been online Tesco shopping and the little man that brings it has been good enough to put it all in the kitchen for me. I have borrowed a zimmer/trolley from dad so I can move stuff around.

Today I have asked Frank to leave some ingredients out and i am going to attempt to cook. I've found the if I kneel on a stool with pot leg then I can stand a bit longer. Trouble is, the leg and ankle are still very swollen and if it isn't elevated it does start to throb rather. The bruise shows above the cast and is giong some wonderful colours. No - I am not going to paint it.

Haven't worked out yet how to paint. I do prefer to stand but that isn't going to happen. I'll let you know how I get on with that when I get into the studio again.

Meanwhile I'm trying to decide how to decorate 'the pot'

All suggestions welcome. Please note painted toenails. I couldn't manage them myself so waited for my daughter in laws, surely one of them would help????? No way. Aparently they don't 'do' feet. Fortunately my friend Sandra came to the rescue.


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    1. Having broken a bone myself last week, I sympathize! I hope you heal well and quickly.

  2. Great update Mo! I don't have to tell you this, you seem to "get it" enough yourself, but this time is a great opportunity for you to do different things than you normally would. You definitely have to give up these things that you would usually do--but it opens different doors for you. You'll heal up and be good as new for next year. Your foot looks cute and feminine with polish! You should find some really great books you've always wanted to read and get used to taking it easy. Hard for a person like you...but the forced down time can turn into a really good thing. :)

  3. Hi Mo,
    Really enjoyed the updates.
    I can imagine just how frustrated you must be having to miss so much, but hopefully you will be up and about sooner rather than later in the open air and producing more of your great paintings. Enjoy the reunion - I'll be up in Blakeney for a short break this weekend and i'll be thinking of you.
    Steve P.

  4. Your toes looked gorgeous in the cast.Did you take the cast off?I was in a cast too.I broke my wrist and thumb playing soccer.I had my third cast removed about 5 weeks ago.Best wishes and take care.


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