Thursday, 13 November 2014

One Step Forward........

I am pleased to report that the acupuncture is working very well. The swelling has reduced dramatically and Paula is manipulating the foot and giving gentle massage. It feels much stronger and am able to put a bit more weight on it.

The downside is that, now the swelling has gone down a bit, one of the pins is causing such pain, I can feel it just under the surface and my walking boot puts pressure on it.

I don't get to see the doctor another 11 days then he'll have to set up an appointment to have the pins removed. Goodness knows how long that will be!
I finally have my appointment from the hospital for physio with them - end of next week. Over three weeks since the cast was removed.
I may just consider going private with this one.

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  1. That was some fracture! But you know that!! Hope you get those nasty pins sorted. :-)


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