Tuesday, 4 August 2015


After an exhausting week teaching at Dedham I had a lovely weekend chilling out in Norfolk with Frank and the dog. I do love olives and so had bought some nice ones with chillies to enjoy with our little tipple. I should have known better to leave them on a low table - I caught the dog with his head in the bowl so rather than waste them I thought I'd better paint them.

Olives & Lemons 8" x 8" £75

Olives & Chillies 8" x 8" £75

I enjoyed painting these and you will be pleased to hear that the dog didn't suffer any ill effects.


  1. Hi Mo, It's been quite a while since I visited your blog and have enjoyed catching up on your beautiful work. You have such a light and atmospheric touch - really lovely!

    1. Thank you Wendy. Actually it's been a while since I visited my blog too :( So much for good intentions. Thanks again for your lovely comments. You are very encouraging.


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