Monday, 28 September 2015

Days 24 - 28 Brush with the Broads

I have just returned from an amazing four days away, painting on the Norfolk Broads.
This is the second year that Norfolk artist Linda Mathews has organised A Brush With the Broads.
Unfortunately there has been little or no internet so have not been able to post here but trust me - I have been wielding those brushes. Mostly doing three paintings each day.

The first day we went to Winterton on Sea. Lovely stretches of sand and a convenient cafe for coffee.
this is the first one of the day which I was most pleased with

Beach Cafe, Winterton 8" x 8" oil

Second picture I was going to scrape off but just might try to rework it

Winterton beach

Leaving there I drove with my friend Naomi to Horsey, didn't fancy that so went to How Hill, painted by the river Ant, was a bit tired by now and wasn't pleased with results but here it is

River Ant at How Hill 12" x 12" oil


Next day I got up early and went out because I wanted to be back in time to hear Adebanji Alade give a talk, I went down to the nearest boat yard.

Acle Boats 8" x 8" oil

I obviously han't had enough coffee, the tree looks like a bad haircut.

Not being too disheartened I went off after an excellent demo and talk by  Adebanji down to St Benets Abbey, This view stopped me in my tracks. It had everything Norfolk could offer, big sky, river, cows, a windmill and boats.

Nr St Benets Abbey, 14" x 18" oil

I then painted this of the Abbey, although it was getting late the sky hadn't quite turned the beautiful colours that I saw on my way home

St Benets Abbey 12" x 12" oil

Next day was Yarmouth day. I started it off by leading a workshop for the public. Here is my completed demo which the participants then had a go at their own version with very good results.

Demo at Yarmouth

At 1pm Linda sounded a claxon which commenced the start of the quick draw. Artists had two hours to create their painting. I was quite pleased with mine and stopped an hour and a half in before I overworked it.

Yarmouth Pier 12" x 12" oil

I then nipped off and did a quick sketch of a fine building on the seafront that had caught my eye earlier.

Sea Front 8" x 8" oil

When I got back to to base (a marquee on the front) the public had already turned out in force to look at the paintings and cast their vote for the favourite. They would have had a hard job to choose as the standard was very high.

We are already talking about booking for next year. We all had so much fun.

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