Monday, 26 October 2015


2nd - 9th October I was in Venice with my dear friend Felicity, unfortunately Haidee that organised the trip had to pull out at the last moment. I was very excited as, although I had been to Venice twice before, I'd never had the opportunity to paint. A fine American artist, Wyllis Heaton, that we met in Morocco was also going to join us..
The first day we headed down to the fish market where we met Lori McNee & Cory Wright from the States. Two very talented artists. We hit it off straight away and from there on dined together in the evenings.
Fish Market, Venice 8" x 8"
The Vegetable Market 8" x 8"

A quiet Corner 8" x 8"
We had a couple of days of rain but were still able to get out. The next three paintings were painted from a sheltered spot
Umbrellas in Venice 8" x 8"

Venetian Doorway 8" x 8"

Green Door, Venice 8" x 8"
One morning we got up really early to paint the sunrise. You had to be very quick to capture it and I kind of missed it but it was really nice to be in St Mark's square without all the tourists.

My favourite squares were right near our apartment

I apologise for the poor quality of the photos. I still haven't got round to taking proper photographs.
In all I completed 18 oil paintings in the week we were there. I can't wait to go back.

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  1. Great paintings, took me back to last July when I was there! thank you :)


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