Friday, 10 February 2017

Oil Demo at Castor

Sunset Over Moulton 14" x 18" oil painting on board

Last night I headed over Peterborough way to Castor art group. I have been a couple of times in the past so there were a lot of familiar faces to greet me. They are a great group to demonstrate to as there is lots of feedback, questions and  - the obligatory banter.
I decided to replicate a painting I did during my 30 days of painting in January. The original of this was 10" x 10" so 14 x 18 was a bit of a challenge, for a start the proportions had changed completely.
Even for an experienced painter it can be a bit nerve racking painting such a big picture in front of a crowd - you just never know if it will work. Of course there are probably demonstrators that paint the same thing all the time but to be honest - I couldn't do that. In my mind all freshness would be lost and it would be boring.
As luck would happen - this one worked, I was quite pleased with the reaction when I popped the painting in the frame at the end.


  1. Did they do the video projection thing? I found that quite challenging. Nice piece Mo, looking forward to your book.

    1. Thank you Jerome. No the guy with the screen was not well. Didn't need it anyway.
      Have you been there?


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