Wednesday, 4 October 2017

30 paintings

30 Paintings in 30 Days

Well here they all are, not necessarily in the right order but I have painted all these in the last thirty days and a few more to boot.
Thanks to Leslie Saeta for giving out the challenge.
I would encourage anyone to have a go. It is all to easy to say "I don't have time to paint". The last month has been a very busy time for me but I have managed to paint all but two days. One was taken up by Grandchildren and one was a whole day of travelling so I played 'catch up'
Why not go over to Leslie's blog and have a look at what all the other artists from around the world produced in their 30 days.

Thanks Leslie, I shall look out for the next 30 in 30

Days 29 & 30

Satsumas in Brocante bowl

Saturday was not such a good day in Sommieres weather wise but it was market day. This I have to say is a serious market. The whole town has stalls in the streets and squares. At one end of the town is a very large open space that becomes the place for the Brocante, the second-hand and antique market. Felicity and I found this delightful bowl so I bought some satsumas to paint in it as rain was forecast.

It did rain and after painting the blue bowl we then painted Julie's jug which was a birthday present from Tom & Mary

Julie's jug and Satsumas

This was painted in very gloomy light as we liked the natural light from the doorway.
First time I'd painted bread and cheese - will have to do that again.

Day 30
Much better weather so I went and painted in town again.

Lunch Time, Sommieres

This needs a bit of work on it, I painted in the shade looking into the sun and the buildings came out far too yellow.

It was good to finish my 30 day challenge in France. I shall make a collage of all the paintings I did there but also I need to put my 30 day collage on Leslie Saetas blog page along with all the other artists that took up the challenge - see next blog 😉