Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Plein Air painting days in London

11th September, Soho Square

As part of an ongoing publicity campaign to advertise our forth coming show Capturing the Moment
Haidee-Jo Summers and I planned a couple of paint out days in London.
The first was in Soho Square on 11th September. I created an event on Facebook and was surprised how quickly word spread. On the day about 50 artists turned up to paint, I was a bit concerned as we hadn't approached anyone for any permits but all was fine.

Felicity House working on a lovely pastel
Haidee and I in the middle.
We finally got to paint an hour before the end,
we'd been very busy talking to all the artists

At the end of the day,
comparing notes and planning to go off to the
nearest pub for a well earned drink and bite to eat

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and said how they were looking forward to the next Paint Out.

10th October St James's Park

The success of the first paint out soon spread and people were eager to do it again . We arranged for people to meet at the Cafe Inn the Park around 10am, we couldn't believe how many turned up. Some artists had got there early and were already painting. We took names but I found out after the event that I didn't get to see everyone and that there must have been a lot more than 100 artists there.

artists gathering at the beginning of the day

Poster and Palett

some artists at work

At the end of the day some of the artists gathered for
a chat and to display their work on the roof of the cafe

All in all it was well worth the organising. The feedback has been amazing. It seems that artists really welcome the opportunity to get together to paint. Even standing side by side in silence whilst absorbed in their work there is the feeling of camaraderie. 
Some of the painters there had never painted outside before and told me just how much they had enjoyed the experience and that they would not have dared to do it on their own.

Looks like I will be organising another paint out again soon. Keep an eye on the web site or sign up for an email at

Well know author and artist Katherine Tyrell gave us marvellous coverage in her blog,  Making a Mark. Do visit to see more pictures of the day

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