Tuesday, 20 August 2013

New Web Site


I am delighted to announce that my new web site is now live.
For many years now I have designed and built my own site. Oh the frustration!!! I've tried three different hosts that offered the web building packages. I found that if I didn't use them on a regular basis, it was like starting from scratch every time. Photos wouldn't load, and when they did, they were in the wrong place. Fonts magically changed and resized.
Was it worth it I asked myself? Well, yes. I think for an artist, web presence is very important. For me it is. For a start, I value the feedback of fellow artists. I am able to tell people when I have an exhibition or workshop and, through the powers of social media, I can share work of other artists that I admire.

So - the new web site.  What did I want from it?   To show pictures, information of painting holidays, workshops and demonstrations. Plus a bit about myself for anyone that might be interested

I started to look at other artists' sites and decided that a simple layout was the best. My friends Felicity House and Paul Banning were using  www.artonweb.co.uk.   I contacted Andrew that owns artonweb and after an initial chat I sent over photos and information. The rest was pain free (for me).
Even the cost is painless when I think of the hours Andrew has saved me.
Initial setup and design plus a year hosting - £170 and then it will be £30 per year for up to 2 hours work.
A bargain I'd say.

Please do leave any comments you may have as I do value the feedback

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