Monday, 29 November 2021


November News
It's hard to believe we are halfway through November. The leaves are still hanging on and we are yet to have our first frost. I did have to do a double take the other day as I drove past a house with a fully decorated Christmas tree all lit up in the window. It reminded me of how quickly Christmas is creeping up on us so, I have turned my attention to creating a few festive still life paintings.
It's also been a real joy to be able to visit art clubs again and also to be able to teach face to face. I hadn't realised how much I had missed it.
A Trip to France

Frank & I had a very pleasant few days visiting Sue & John, the new owners of Le Marroniers.
A farmhouse and 3 gites in central France. The weather was perfect for driving around the area, seeking out places to paint for when I return next year to run a course there. The studio has had an overhaul and is now fitted with a woodburner in case of any cold wet days we may have. Mostly though I intend being out and about.

Here are a few of the locations we will be painting.
Gargillesse                                                     le Celle Dunouis
The Studio
The proposed dates are 7th - 14th June 2022   (to be confirmed)
Prices start at £710 and is inclusive of all tuition, accommodation, meals, drinks, transport to and from Limoges airport.
Do let me know if you would like more information or would like me to reserve a place for you and a friend - no obligation at this stage.
Art Clubs

I have visited two art clubs this month. The first was a last minute stand in at Spalding and the second was a trip to Wymondham, Norfolk.
It must be two years since I last stood in front of a live audience.
I soon got back into the swing of things and really enjoyed chatting and answering questions. 
A festive still life at Spalding Art & Craft Society
Brancaster Staithe, oil demo for Wymondham Art Society

Norfolk Creative Arts

Last weekend I ran a workshop at Norfolk Creative Arts. Unfortunately there were quite a few cancellations.  due to illness - yep, the 'C' word!
This did mean that after doing a demo for everyone I was able to work on a second painting in-between going round to see everyone.
Lunch as always was fabulous and we were all quizzing Hans for the recipe for his amazing vegetable lasagne. 
                    Hellebores & Macaroons                                                      Satsumas & Nuts
Both paintings are 10" x 10" and are available here at just £250 unframed

My next course at Norfolk Creative Arts is on 22nd May 2022 10am - 4pm
The price is just £99 and includes, all materials, tuition, lunch, teas and coffee

only 12 places available

contact Hans on 01485 240420 or
Trying Something New

Recently I have seen some fabulous paintings in Gouache by artists I follow. I dug out a load of tubes that I'd bought a few years ago when I'd tried painting with them but, being disappointed with the results, they were relegated to back of the cupboard.
I signed up for an online demonstration by the talented Jenny Aitken. I learned a lot from her and been having a play myself. I do feel I'm getting somewhere now. At the moment I am experimenting with different surfaces, Gessoed watercolour paper, board and various watercolour surfaces.
It is always good to try something new and step out of our comfort zone. Interestingly, when I switched back to oils I found that I had taken some of what I had discovered and was applying it to my oils
Gouache paintings
The Garden

I have been taking advantage of this fine weather to tidy up the patio and tucking all the tender plants up safely in the greenhouse. I have a tray full of bulbs sitting in the garage still waiting to be planted, (it's amazing how many other jobs you can find to do!)

As happens every year, my holly tree which is always covered in berries is now being stripped by the blackbirds. This typically happens a few days before I go out to pick some to decorate the hallway. This year we have had an unusual visitor - a white blackbird. We did have four white fledglings in our garden over ten years ago but none survived. This looked to be very heathy as it tucked into my berries.
Thank you again for your support and for following me.
It really is much appreciated.

I'm off to the studio now to try and paint a still life that I'm pleased enough with to use as our Christmas card this year -
have you done yours yet?

til next time
Mo xx

Wednesday, 6 October 2021


October Newsletter
I think this September has been the busiest month of the year for me so far with, the exhibition in London, teaching in Harwich, Open Studios and the Strada easel challenge - painting from life every day throughout September 

I'm looking forward to a slightly quieter October but it has already started off with a big bang as I reached a certain milestone birthday on the 4th.

Strada Easel Challenge

Well I don’t know how but I did it! 

A painting from life every single day throughout September and, on a couple of occasions, just before midnight.
It is a very good discipline and I would encourage anybody to have a go because, even though we all make excuses and find other things to do, it just proves to yourself that it can be done

Here are just a few of my favourites

I haven't really had much time recently for my You Tube channel so
I decided to film my self doing this painting for the challenge.
The video is 20 mins long with a bit of commentary if you're interested
Old Bank Studio

This was my first visit to The Old Bank Studios. I had a very warm welcome from Bev & Nigel Caleno that own it. Everything was very organised and I had the most lovely group. We were lucky with the weather and went out to the beach or to the pier each day. I have to say it was rather windy and having given everyone advice  - my easel fell over twice whilst I was going round seeing the group. 
I'm pleased to say that I have been invited back for next year, watch out for the dates.
              butter side down                                        brushed off when dry and overpainted in places
Norfolk Open Studios

This weekend 8, 9 & 10th October is the last weekend for open studios. It was very quite last weekend as I think everyone was conserving their fuel and not wanting venture out in the cold.
There was one exciting moment  - I had been asked if I would be the last clue in BBC Radio Norfolk's Treasure Quest. It was great fun listening to people solving the clues. The final code was hidden behind my sunflower painting
Julie from radio Norfolk                                     unframed work from £200

All the paintings from the challenge are now
on show at my studio in Norfolk.

10 - 5pm
Friday 8th - Sunday 10th

Don't forget to mention you are a subscriber
to get an extra discount

I'd love to see you.

Prices start at £200 for an unframed picture.
click here to be taken to the open studio website where you will be able to see
all the artists taking part and directions to the studios
A Birthday Treat

For my birthday Frank treated me and some friends to lunch at the George Hotel in Stamford.
I was thoroughly spoilt but I think it might be another ten years before I go again, it'll probably take Frank that long to save up again.

I'm hoping to catch up with the rest of the family later on this month for hugs and more celebrations, meanwhile I'm milking this one, lunches out with friends is on the agenda.

Have a good month everyone and thank you for your support

Love Mo xx
celebrating a milestone birthday at The George, Stamford

Friday, 17 September 2021

September Newsletter

My feet have hardly touched the ground since I last wrote to you all. The exhibition in London has been and gone, I've caught up on a bit of weeding, we've had the outside of the house decorated, I've been to Norfolk to prepare for Open Studios, been out painting and, I am taking part in the Strada Easel challenge which means a painting every day throughout September.
I have a couple of offers for you too this month, read on for more details.
Colour & Light

Mall Galleries 7th - 12th September
I'm still having to pinch myself. The exhibition exceeded my expectations with just under a third of all paintings sold. I am also delighted to have sold six of the ten paintings I had in the show.
I arrived in London the day before the hang to ensure I was at the Gallery for 8.30am Monday morning. The first thing we had to do was place the 240 paintings around the room and from there we shuffled them around to make a pleasing hang. That is easier said than done! By lunch time we were pleased with the layout so the pictures started to go up on the wall. I thought I'd got an easy job, I couldn't help hang as my shoulder still isn't up to it so I started putting labels on. I soon enlisted the help of Maria Rose, John Stillman and Tim King. Matching labels to titles and catalogue numbers, juggling spreadsheets, finding the correct label and placing on the wall, and ticking off of sheet actually took the best part of three hours. 
We finally finished at 6pm. I stood back and took the whole room in for the first time and had a little emotional moment. All the hard work had paid off and here I was, standing in the Mall Gallery with a group of  lovely artists that I'm proud to call my friends.
arranging the paintings                                                         the label team
I returned to my hotel room by 7.15 had 15 mins to chat to Frank before heading out for dinner with The Northern Boys who were in town painting for the week. I got back to my room again at 11.30 and remembered I hadn't done my Strada easel challenge for the day so I did a gouache painting of the bananas I'd bought for my lunch.
Guess who overslept?? I had to rush to get down to the Mall by 10am ready for a day stewarding. Time went so quickly as there were so many lovely visitors to chat to. I shot off at 4 to meet Frank who had come down for the private view Tuesday evening, a quick change and back to the Mall. It was lovely to see so many friends and visitors. One thing I did NOT expect was any reward for my efforts so it was a great surprise to hear my name over the speakers and turned around to see Tim & Maria on the steps calling me over. I was over the moon to receive and rather splendid bottle of red wine from F & M, a Diana Armfield book I'd wanted and a voucher for Cass Art.
with Maria & Tim, and yes I made a speech to thank everyone
We have an amazing catalogue for the show
we are selling them online now as souvenirs of the show

 order yours here
Norfolk Open Studios

Sep 25, 26, Oct 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10

On my return from London I had a couple of days at home catching up on a few jobs before going to Norfolk to prepare for Norfolk Open Studios. I am open at weekends 10am - 5pm
inside the gallerage.                                                  still more paintings to hang
I will also have a selection of art materials from my recent studio clear out, plus there is a bargain bin of unframed work that is taking up too much space .

As an added bonus, 
I am offering you as a subscriber 10% off all purchases.
Please don't forget to mention it.

I do hope you can pop along and say hello
Strada Easel Challenge

As if I wasn't busy enough, I have undertaken the Strada Easel challenge. This means doing a painting from life every day throughout September and then posting them online. It's a great discipline and because of the the public commitment, it does make you paint when you might otherwise find something else to do.

I had started the month with the intention of doing all the paintings outside but I'm afraid the rather wet weather soon knocked that idea out of the window. I did however manage to catch up with my friend Emma Perring who had come to Norfolk for a few days to paint. We had a couple of albeit rather cold days, painting on first Cley beach and the next day on Weybourne beach.
sky study, Cley beach                                                      Cley church from the beach
Weybourne Beach
All the paintings I do as part of the challenge are available.
Prices start at £190
Please let me know if you see one you fancy

here are a few more for you to browse
more available paintings from the challenge 
I almost forgot to mention that many of my recent paintings have been painted with my 'wrong' hand.
I am still finding awkward but am enjoying the results.
I even sold one of my left handed paintings at the Mall Galleries and the buyer was delighted with it, especially after I told her the story of the broken arm.

Mulberry House

I mentioned at the beginning that we have had the outside of the house painted. I spent ages choosing the colour and finally decided on F&B Lichen, a beautiful deep blue/green.
The result is nothing like I imagined, it has come out more 'minty'.
Nevertheless I am quite pleased with the result and the house looks nice a clean again
I hope you've enjoyed catching up on all my news.
I'm off to run a course in Harwich next week,
I'm hoping that next month will be a little quieter.

I reach another milestone birthday at the beginning of October
(I'll leave you guessing). Time to take it easy??? I doubt it very much.

Thank you so much for your support. I hope to see to in Norfolk 

love and best wishes
Mo x