Friday, 17 September 2021

September Newsletter

My feet have hardly touched the ground since I last wrote to you all. The exhibition in London has been and gone, I've caught up on a bit of weeding, we've had the outside of the house decorated, I've been to Norfolk to prepare for Open Studios, been out painting and, I am taking part in the Strada Easel challenge which means a painting every day throughout September.
I have a couple of offers for you too this month, read on for more details.
Colour & Light

Mall Galleries 7th - 12th September
I'm still having to pinch myself. The exhibition exceeded my expectations with just under a third of all paintings sold. I am also delighted to have sold six of the ten paintings I had in the show.
I arrived in London the day before the hang to ensure I was at the Gallery for 8.30am Monday morning. The first thing we had to do was place the 240 paintings around the room and from there we shuffled them around to make a pleasing hang. That is easier said than done! By lunch time we were pleased with the layout so the pictures started to go up on the wall. I thought I'd got an easy job, I couldn't help hang as my shoulder still isn't up to it so I started putting labels on. I soon enlisted the help of Maria Rose, John Stillman and Tim King. Matching labels to titles and catalogue numbers, juggling spreadsheets, finding the correct label and placing on the wall, and ticking off of sheet actually took the best part of three hours. 
We finally finished at 6pm. I stood back and took the whole room in for the first time and had a little emotional moment. All the hard work had paid off and here I was, standing in the Mall Gallery with a group of  lovely artists that I'm proud to call my friends.
arranging the paintings                                                         the label team
I returned to my hotel room by 7.15 had 15 mins to chat to Frank before heading out for dinner with The Northern Boys who were in town painting for the week. I got back to my room again at 11.30 and remembered I hadn't done my Strada easel challenge for the day so I did a gouache painting of the bananas I'd bought for my lunch.
Guess who overslept?? I had to rush to get down to the Mall by 10am ready for a day stewarding. Time went so quickly as there were so many lovely visitors to chat to. I shot off at 4 to meet Frank who had come down for the private view Tuesday evening, a quick change and back to the Mall. It was lovely to see so many friends and visitors. One thing I did NOT expect was any reward for my efforts so it was a great surprise to hear my name over the speakers and turned around to see Tim & Maria on the steps calling me over. I was over the moon to receive and rather splendid bottle of red wine from F & M, a Diana Armfield book I'd wanted and a voucher for Cass Art.
with Maria & Tim, and yes I made a speech to thank everyone
We have an amazing catalogue for the show
we are selling them online now as souvenirs of the show

 order yours here
Norfolk Open Studios

Sep 25, 26, Oct 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10

On my return from London I had a couple of days at home catching up on a few jobs before going to Norfolk to prepare for Norfolk Open Studios. I am open at weekends 10am - 5pm
inside the gallerage.                                                  still more paintings to hang
I will also have a selection of art materials from my recent studio clear out, plus there is a bargain bin of unframed work that is taking up too much space .

As an added bonus, 
I am offering you as a subscriber 10% off all purchases.
Please don't forget to mention it.

I do hope you can pop along and say hello
Strada Easel Challenge

As if I wasn't busy enough, I have undertaken the Strada Easel challenge. This means doing a painting from life every day throughout September and then posting them online. It's a great discipline and because of the the public commitment, it does make you paint when you might otherwise find something else to do.

I had started the month with the intention of doing all the paintings outside but I'm afraid the rather wet weather soon knocked that idea out of the window. I did however manage to catch up with my friend Emma Perring who had come to Norfolk for a few days to paint. We had a couple of albeit rather cold days, painting on first Cley beach and the next day on Weybourne beach.
sky study, Cley beach                                                      Cley church from the beach
Weybourne Beach
All the paintings I do as part of the challenge are available.
Prices start at £190
Please let me know if you see one you fancy

here are a few more for you to browse
more available paintings from the challenge 
I almost forgot to mention that many of my recent paintings have been painted with my 'wrong' hand.
I am still finding awkward but am enjoying the results.
I even sold one of my left handed paintings at the Mall Galleries and the buyer was delighted with it, especially after I told her the story of the broken arm.

Mulberry House

I mentioned at the beginning that we have had the outside of the house painted. I spent ages choosing the colour and finally decided on F&B Lichen, a beautiful deep blue/green.
The result is nothing like I imagined, it has come out more 'minty'.
Nevertheless I am quite pleased with the result and the house looks nice a clean again
I hope you've enjoyed catching up on all my news.
I'm off to run a course in Harwich next week,
I'm hoping that next month will be a little quieter.

I reach another milestone birthday at the beginning of October
(I'll leave you guessing). Time to take it easy??? I doubt it very much.

Thank you so much for your support. I hope to see to in Norfolk 

love and best wishes
Mo x


Saturday, 14 August 2021


News From Mulberry House, Garden & Studio

August Newsletter

Well I have to say July was a month to remember or maybe forget.

Disappointingly I had to postpone my course in Harwich as I had only just broken my right arm and it was too painful to travel.  

Two weeks later I did manage to run a very successful painting course for Big Sky Art in Norfolk staying at the White House, Burnham Market. I had a really lovely group and was even able to manage a couple of left-handed demonstrations.

I did promise you last month that I would show you any paintings that I managed to do with my left hand I will post these below.

Some of you may know, I have been coordinating the next exhibition for British Plein-Air Painters. We had got the smaller North Gallery booked at the Mall. Whilst standing at Brancaster Staithe painting with my group, I had a phone call from the Mall to say that the proposed exhibition in the main gallery had pulled out and they offered us the chance to have the main gallery. I had to make a snap decision on behalf of the group and so I said "yes" - then the reality set in, my goodness what a big space to fill. I’m sure we can do it we have some excellent artists in the group.

Mulberry House & Garden

Very little has happened since breaking my arm. I could almost weep when I walk down the garden. With recent rain and warm weather, the weeds have gone crazy, some of the dahlias which I hadn't got around to staking have fallen, the lily beetles have had a field day, most of the apricots dropped off in the heavy rain and the plum tree seems to have some kind of fungus.
Frank has been going into work as we are starting to get bulbs in now at Gee Tee so he hasn't had time to help.  I did try to to pull a few weeds out with just my left hand but had to give that up when I put my back out!!
It's a bit disheartening after all the hard work we put in at the beginning of the year
Anyone know a good gardener??

On the upside, we've had a brilliant crop of French & Runner beans and the tomatoes are beginning to ripen.

weeds are taller than the flowers


I was delighted with my one off Open Studio Norfolk weekend, I had a constant flow of visitors, friends, followers and buyers. Thank you every one that came to see me.

I shall be taking part in the wider Norfolk Open Studios in September & October
You can see who is taking part here
I shall give more information nearer the time.

 studio clearance                                                   one happy buyer & artist

IEA Painting Day

On 29th July I was picked up by fellow member of the Institute of East Anglian Artists, Jim Power, to take part in a Painting Day at King's Lynn.
I optimistically took my paints and decided to give it a go. This was my first attempt at painting left handed
room for improvement?

There was a very good turn out and the predicted rain stayed away until the very end of the day, mind you it was very windy on the quay sideband I had to use my body to stop easel blowing over as I couldn't hold it

   chatting with Ian McManus                                     enjoying a midday coffee

Big Sky Art

I have just returned from a wonderful week in Norfolk running a painting course at the White House.
I had a group of 15 enthusiastic painters.
On the first day we painted within the grounds but after that we went and painted at Brancaster Staithe, Burnham Overy Staithe

I did manage to do a couple of left handed demonstrations and paintings.

A lot of the group have rebooked for next year but there maybe a couple of places left if you are quick
Big Sky Art. Phone +44 (0) 7785 439727

Burnham Overy Staithe                                        Brancaster Staithe
           The White House                                                My bedroom
                                                                            (shower room downstairs)

I was very pleased that I managed to get special permission to paint in and around the grounds at Wiveton Hall. There is a wealth of subjects everywhere you look. The group were very pleased to meet Desmond from TV's 'Normal for Norfolk' fame and yes, he is as mad as he came over on the television.
We had the most marvellous lunch there which I had preordered. 

the wonderful Wiveton Hall

Exhibition at the Mall

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be organising let alone exhibiting at the Mall Galleries in London.
(I've had the odd painting accepted and hung in some of the major shows but this is much more)

I count myself very fortunate to be part of a wonderful group that we call the British Plein Air Painters.

After painting with a group of friends in Portugal in 2017 we decided to have an exhibition together. As there were only 10 of us we decided to invite some of our friends to join us and had our first exhibition was in 2018 at the Menier Gallery.  

Following the success of our first exhibition, we booked the North Gallery at the Mall for our second London show. I volunteered to coordinate the show with the help of some of the members. This I can tell you sounds easier than it is but we won't go there.

While I was painting with my group in Brancaster I had a surprise phone call from the Mall, they told me that the exhibitors that were going to be in the main gallery had pulled out and they offered us the chance to use that space. I made a quick decision on behalf of the group and said 'yes,  we would take it'.
I then realised the enormity of filling such a huge space and all the other problems that go along with it.

We are very excited about it and it promises to be an excellent exhibition. I do hope you are able to come along, there will members there each day and we hope to have demonstrations each day too.

As part of our promotion for the show I have organised painting days around the country where we can hand out flyers.
The next painting day is in Oxford this weekend 14th August followed by one in Kensington Gardens on 23nd. 
All the details can be found on our web site British Plein Air Painters
These painting days are free and open to any one who cares to come along and paint in the company of like minded artists.

Left handed demo

                                          10" x 16" Weybourne

I was particularly pleased with this studio demonstration. I am offering it, unframed, at the special price of £190 including free P&P
Drop me an email if you are interested

Thank you for your support, I really do appreciate it. Hopefully by the time I write  next time, things will be back to normal, well, as normal as they'll ever be. I'm looking forward to being able to drive again.
One thing is for sure - ambidextrous , I am not.

take care and best wishes

Mo xx

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

31 Paintings in 31 Days

30 of the 31 paintings (couldn't fit 31)

 Phew!! I did it 31 paintings in 31 days, that's a painting every day in January. Thanks to Strada Easel.

What better way is there for an artist to start the year but to take up a painting challenge??

Strada Easel throw out a challenge twice a year inviting artists to take part in painting from life every day for a whole month.

This is the first time I've done the Strada challenge and would totally recommend it to anyone thinking of taking part. I mean, how hard can it be to paint every day for 31 days?? 

 I think the main issue is, not the fact that you commit to paint every day, but committing to share a painting every day with the world!!!! 

Suddenly there isn't any time for mistakes so even on the days that I wasn't entirely happy with the painting, I still posted it, warts and all.

To become better at what you do, and to grow as an artist you need to commit, you need to sacrifice, you need to work hard. In doing so you gain confidence,  loosen up, and try new things. Often it's too easy to stay in our comfort zone but by pushing ourselves to try something different we can become more creative!! By sharing my work, I got to learn from others too. 

It's a great kickstart to the year and I found a lot of inspiration and encouragement from the other participating artists. I met some great people and really connected with them. Now that it's over, it's a strange feeling not to be committed to painting, I so looked forward each day to seeing what people had posted on Instagram. I think it's a bit like how I used to feel at the end of a school year.

I am definitely looking forward to the next challenge. Meanwhile, I have made a promise to myself to paint more often.

Painting is a journey for me and I will never stop learning!!!

Friday, 1 January 2021

Daffodils in oils

For the month of January my aim is to complete a painting a day. As added incentive, I am taking part in the Strada easel challenge.

My first painting is of daffodils. For me at this time of year, they are a promise of things to come

Monday, 28 September 2020


Another first for me today!  

I gave my very first Zoom demonstration. It was to Norwich and Norfolk Art Circle. I have no idea how many participants there were as I couldn't see anyone. I have to say it was very strange, working alone in my studio and giving a running commentary to a silent audience, nevertheless, it was well received and I have had a lot of good feed back. 

The original demo was 1 hour 45 mins but I have edited out the chat and unnecessary bits so it is now just an hour long.

Here is the link to my You Tube channel if you'd care to have a look.

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Painting in The Limousin

Cottage by The Sedell

June 3rd - 10th     September 30th - 7th October 2021

I am delighted to be returning to the wonderful Limousin region of France next year to run two painting holidays. This holiday is certainly very good value as there are no hidden costs. All meals and drinks (some in restaurants), transport, accommodation and tuition are included

The courses are based at Les Marrionniers, a group of gites set in 7 acres of grounds with it's own private swimming pool, hot tub, games room and studio. 
All our painting locations and picturesque villages are within an easy drive or within the grounds. All abilities are welcome on the courses as tuition is on an individual basis in the medium of your choice. There are also plenty of group demonstrations with opportunities for questions. Each day there is a morning and afternoon painting session with a relaxing picnic and a glass of wine. Evenings are for relaxing and reviewing the days work with a drink before enjoying the wonderful French cuisine.

We will be following in the steps of some of the early impressionists along the banks of the River Sedell. 

There will be painting trips to:

Argenton, a beautiful town situated by the River Creuse.  

Crozant, home of Impressionist Armand Guillaumin, with it's ruins of a 13th century castle situated on a rocky outcrop between the Creuse  and its tributary, the Sédelle.  Indulge in a bit of history as we visit The Hotel Lapinet in Crozant to see an exhibition, The Origins of Impressionism, with slide shows and original artists' materials as well reproductions by Monet that visited the area to paint, 

La Celle Dunoise with it's church of St. Pierre, dating from the twelfth century and the bridge, dating from the fourteenth century.

Oradour sur Glane We will also take a trip to this fascinating village, destroyed in 1944, when 642 inhabitants were killed, the village now remains as a permanent memorial and museum. If time allows we may also visit a porcelain factory in Limoges.

Gargilesse A highlight for me is painting in the artists' village of Gargilesse where there will be an opportunity to visit the home of George Sand as well as painting the spectacular view or the local château. Here we will have lunch in the welcoming local restaurant, Les Artiste.  

St Benoit du Sault  A medieval village, perched in a curve on a rocky butte overlooking the Portefeuille River  In 1988, it was named one of the most beautiful towns in France. Enjoy wandering through the narrow streets and portals and see the 14th century priory.  


     La Celle Dunoise


     St Benoit du Sault



Gite 1    3 star 1 x double bedroom, 1 x twin room   bathroom on ground floor

Gite 2    3 star 1 x double bedroom  1 x twin room  separate shower and bathroom on first floor

Gite 3    4 star  3 x double/kingsize bedrooms all en-suite


Prices below are inclusive of all tuition, accommodation, meals, drinks, transport to and from Limoges airport
Not included: flights and personal purchases

Gites 1 & 2   2 occupants £950.00 pp  3 occupants £793 pp   4 occupants £710.00 pp
Gite 3          1 person per room  £1007.00      2 people per room £890.00pp

NB: In the event of another Covid outbreak, full refunds will be given. This does not apply to your airfare. Cancellation for any other reason eight weeks before the course will result in a loss of deposit.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Sweet Peas demo in Oils

I have been playing around with editing and have put together a short time lapse video. 
I have to say I feel rather pleased with myself. It is a steep learning curve for someone who has no idea when it comes to technology but I think I'm getting there.

See what you think, all comments welcome.

Here is the final painting to see the video on You Tube, Click HERE