Saturday, 12 October 2013

Workshop at Rushden, Northants

Set off at 8am with car packed up with paintings, paints and easel.
Stupid sat nav didn't recognise postcode so had to 'wing it'. I thought Rushden was a small village so, finding the school couldn't be too difficult. Got there, not a village, it's a town. By luck I ended up in almost the right place and got directions for the last bit.
A small turn out of 9 but enthusiastic painters turned up.. Some had never used acrylics before.
I started by giving a demo using a photo reference from the competition running on the FB page, SAA group set by John Currie.
Here's my effort

Acrylic demo

Must say, I look a bit dopey. Anyway, the group then chose wether to work from my painting or from a photo reference. Two chose the Bridge option and did a good job too. Using the same colours as I did the results were entirely different.
The workshop was to last for 6 hours but after 5, most people had finished their painting and had put so much into it that they hadn't really the energy or enthusiasm to start another so we lined all the paintings up for our own little show. One gentleman had to leave early so there are only 8 pictures to view but I think you'll all agree that it was a great success all round.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Painting at Barnack

On Tuesday I did my stint stewarding at The Welland Valley art exhibition.
where there are some excellent paintings on show. If you happen to be in Stamford go along to at the Art Centre. It's on until the 19th October.

The promised rain still hadn't arrived so on the way home decided to paint at the 'Hills & Holes' at Barnack. A favorite place to visit when the boys were little. Well, I drove around Barnack area, could I find it? No! I'd noticed a river scene as I first turned off so went back.
The light was changing very quickly and I'd wasted precious painting time driving around so only had an hour to paint, I felt a bit rushed but did enjoy myself.

River at Barnack 10 X 12"

I shall have to go back another day. Mind you NEXT time I will NOT wear sandals in a field previously occupied by a large herd of cows! ewww.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Busy week

I'm pleased  to say that even though the challenge is over I haven't been resting on my laurels.
The pressure is off but I have still painted every day.
This week I've had workshops and demonstrations at Market Deeping and King's Lynn.

Market Deeping

 Demo 14" x 18"

For the Market Deeping group I did this painting very quickly in Acrylics as the group were going to paint afterwards and didn't want to take up their valuable painting time. When I got home I spent another 1/2 hour on the painting but this time went over it in Oil paint. Acrylics are brilliant for under-painting if you are in a hurry for it to dry.
The group used the same three colours as i did and I was amazed that the variety in the end results. I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo as there were some excellent results.
The three colours were  -French Ultra, Magenta, Cadmium Yellow Pale + White

King's Lynn

Acrylic Demo 14" x 18"

The first painting I did I struggled with. I was still using my three colours but had some kind of mental block. Maybe it was the lighting but every time I thought I'd mixed the right colour and put it on the canvas - I was way out. So after the coffee break I did a little quickie of Hunstanton. This one I felt much happier with.

Acrylic demo 12" x 10"

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

30 days of painting

Yes!! I did it. I thoroughly enjoyed joining in with all the artists.
Leslie suggested we all create a collage of our work. Well I tried to get all 30 paintings in but could only manage a 5 x 5 square.

25 of the 30

To see the other collages and the artists that are cleverer than me and got all 30 on go to Leslie's blog