Friday, 22 November 2013

Brancaster Staithe 14th Nov

Once again through the powers of social media, ten of us met up to paint at Brancaster Staithe. The weather was kind to us but a rather chilly. I am enjoying using my Open Box M pallett but wish I'd bought the larger size. Guess I'll have to sell a few more paintings first though.

This was the first picture of the day which took me up to lunch time as I kept stopping to chat to other artists as they arrived. Off then to the Deepdale Cafe.

Unfortunately Tom had to leave before we took the photo. From the left Malcolm, Rosemary, Sharon, Jen, Linda, Me, Helen, Haidee, Mari.

Suitably refreshed and warmed up we were off to find another subject. It was a bit too cold for some, I think there were only five of us left.

I was amazed at how quickly the tide had come in and had to opt for a position where I wouldn't get cut off. There were a lot of boats in the foreground to start with but these two chaps were busy taking them away for the winter. I'd been hoping for a good sunset but the sky was clear , until I tuned round and realised the clouds behind me were turning all shades of Orange. I had to work very quickly on this one as it changed by the minute.

All in all a very successful day and I am looking forward to meeting up again on the 4th December.

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