Thursday, 6 March 2014

Oil Demo, Spalding Art Society

It's always good to give a demonstration on the home front.
I have been involved with the Spalding Art Society on and off for the 33years. This Tuesday was the AGM and I am now the new chairman. I look forward to the challenge and hope to build up the numbers. There was no getting out of going to the AGM as they had me booked to give an oil demonstration - crafty lot!!

The first painting of the evening was painted from a sketch I'd done in my village of Moulton. I'd got soaked because the rain crept up on me from behind as I was looking at a sunny scene. Suddenly there were strong winds and a downpour. Everything blew over.

The Sketch

 I was pleased to have another go at the subject. This time I worked larger using a 14" x 18" canvas board


It's interesting to compare the two. I definitely prefer the tree in the first one. Mind you it's never easy working from the side & under artificial light. The second painting makes the land look flatter, this is because of the exaggerated perspective of the road. The sketch almost looks as if it's going uphill.

I finished the first painting in good time and had 30 minuets left so dashed off another from a plein air painting that I'd taken along. This is smaller 10" x 12'.
I was trying to illustrate the use of a limited pallet

2nd demo - Cromer

I felt more pleased with this. I guess I don't like painting Green!

The next meeting for the Art Soc. is at Pinchbeck village Hall. Tuesday 1st April when we have Angels Damond coming with a talk on textiles. Angela specialises in using natural dyes to colour her fabrics and thread including historic woad and weld. She combines hand and machine stitching. This I look forward to seeing.


I welcome your comments and am open to positive criticism.