Monday, 16 June 2014

Painting Abroad

It's been a while since I wrote anything here in spite of good intentions.
In March I went to Essaouria with friends Linda Mathews and Haidee Jo Summers for a week of painting.
Orange Seller, Essaouria
Had a fabulous time and met some lovely people including a couple of American Artists, we all went to the fish shacks for meal one evening

At the fish shack with our new friends

Then, in May I took off to Greece to the lovely island of Hydra with my mate Helen Herbert.

Helen & I finally getting to Hydra after a day of cancelled ferries and taxis

Our artist friend on the island found a room for us and we painted every day even though it was colder there than the UK. It even rained on the last day but it didn't stop us.

Omilos Resaurant

Kamini in the rain

June 8th I flew from Stansted to Limoges with a group of students where we were met by our host for the week Chris. After a pleasant drive north we arrived in the beautiful Limousin Region of France.
What an amazing area, it's called "The Forgotton France'. I for one wont forget it!!

Collage of the area

Most of the group worked in oil which I had sent out in advance along with canvas boards.
here are a few of my paintings most of which were demonstrations done on location.

Demos in Limoges