Friday, 26 September 2014

A Treat and a Visitor

Wednesday 24th

Oh Goody, it's Gill day.

Gill is my treasure, she's been coming to help me out in the house for quite a few years now. Never was she needed more than now. The state of the house after a weekend with 14 adults, 9 children and a dog - well I'll leave you to imagine that. Yes, the girls and Frank had tidied the kitchen but it was crumbs on and under chairs. Dried mud where there'd been a circuit through the garden and house.

The first thing I asked Gill to do was take me to my second treasure - Beryl.
I had an appointment for a pedicure and facial.
Beryl used to run her own mobile beauty salon in London and has now retired to Holbeach and runs her business from home. Now I bet you're wondering if it was half price with one foot out of action, no, she carefully washed all exposed bits of toe, trimmed and polished them.
I then lay back for my treat, first she waxed my eyebrows and and used electrolysis on the stray eyebrows (the ones that pop out of your chin). Ok - that bit isn't so pleasant but then she gives a full neck and face massage, skin exfoliation, face mask - pure bliss.
I'm there for an hour and a half and she charges, wait for it - £20. Needless to say she usually gets a tip.

Back home, to a lovely clean house, feeling more human I tackled the the evening meal, curry. It didn't take too long as I didn't want to repeat yesterday's agony of having foot down for too long.

Then a welcome visit from daughter in law, Jo and baby Effie. I had a lovely cuddle with Effie as Jo made us coffee then, as she left to collect Lilah from school my friend Ann arrived so I spent a lovely afternoon with my leg up enjoying her company

Little Effie - so cute, cuddly and smiley

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