Sunday, 28 September 2014

Positives vs negatives

It's three weeks today that I broke my ankle in France, it is also today that I should be flying to Venice to paint with friends Felicity, Haidee, Penny and also meeting up with Wyllis & Ann the lovely American artists we met in Morocco. I am still trying to stay positive but I'm thinking the balance may be tipped on the negative side so I shall make a list


1. Three weeks with broken ankle
2. Not going to Venice painting today
3. Missed out on 4 days painting on the Broads with friends and fellow artists
4. Pulled muscle in left leg trying to get up off floor after going upstairs on bum.
5. Ditto right arm
6. Can't get into the shower
7. Can't tend the garden and my pots
8. Can't put weight on foot therefore can't stand
9. Am rubbish with the crutches
10. Turning into couch potato and putting on weight


1. Got the best husband in the world
2. Best husband can cook
3. Friends and family have been to visit
4. Worked out how to set up easel to paint with leg up
5. Swelling gone down
6. Bruise on upper leg now fading
7. Taken myself off pain killers
8. Can now sleep on my side
9. Going shopping today
10. Can read loads of books on IPad
11. Meeting up with Holt Hall painting gang in two weeks
12. Corry has offered Ted's services to help me set up and paint in Norfolk (Ted is more than happy)
13. Have been one of 30 artists chosen to paint plein air in Norwich
14. Three weeks of healing under my belt

Ok - looks like the positives win. I will have to keep reminding myself of that. Especially when I think of Venice. Just tell George Cloony "Sorry I couldn't make it"

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