Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Paint Out Norwich

Wednesday 22nd -Thursday 23rd October 2014

Paint Out Norwich is a 2-day en Plein Air painting competition during the October  Norwich Cathedral Hostry festival.
28 artists were selected to paint at seven selected prominent Norwich city venues.
I was lucky to be one of those selected.

Haidee-Jo picked me up Tuesday afternoon and we drove to Norwich Cathedral to meet all the artists and organisers. We were given hoodies and hats bearing the Paint Out logo and told where we would be painting.
We were allocated one venue in the morning and given three hours to complete our picture and hand it in, then our canvas for the afternoon session was stamped and we went off to a different venue for the next three hour session.

Now this all sounds fine but do bear in mind I am still in a wheelchair after breaking my ankle in France. My dear friend Haidee was staying with me and drove us in each morning, there started the first problem - Norwich morning traffic. Needless to say we were late. Next obstacle was getting to the allocated venue. The organisers were brilliant and had volunteers to push me, (do you know how many cobbled street there are in Norwich???)

My first subject was Norwich Market

 The finished painting was done in less than two and a half hours as not not only was I late but I spent so much time talking to interested passers by (including the local alcoholics). Then, just when I had only ten minutes for the final details, a bin lorry parked in front of me. Oh the joys of Plein Air!

Flower Stall, Norwich Market 14" x 18"

In the afternoon we were sent off to Elm Hill. A popular spot for artists, unfortunately scaffolding had gone up overnight obliterating one of the best views. This didn't put Haidee off - she painted it and won first prize for her painting, clever girl. I went slightly further down, drawn by the splash of sunlight. Late again I had just two and a half hours. Fortunately it was a lot quieter there than the market and I was able to crack on.

Sunlight at Elm Hill 18" x 14"

The second day we were predictably late again but getting more laid back about it. We had to paint the Catholic Cathedral,of St John's a subject we were not excited about. I chose a smaller canvas as I had even less time today but in the end when I'd found a spot out of the biting wind, I really enjoyed my subject

St John's Cathedral

The afternoon - yes, late again, we went to Pull's Ferry. I'd seen paintings of it but never knew where it was. Bit of a chocolate box subject but I think I managed to rough it up a bit.

Pull's Ferry

Painting at Pull's Ferry

After handing in our final paintings Frank came to meet me and we went for a welcome meal and drink before heading back to the Hostry for the opening of the exhibition and auction. The auctioneer chose one painting from each artist to auction. There was such a buzz in the place and paintings went for a lot of money and sales were good too.
I spent Friday with my swollen foot elevated and a smile on my face. The organisers were brilliant and I met so many good artists that I can now call friends. I am looking forward to next year's event which will I'm sure, be bigger and better.

Monday, 27 October 2014

A Reunion


13th October18 artists checked in to the Blakeney Manor Hotel to paint the North Norfolk coast and surroundings.
Why you may ask- well, for many years I organised a life painting week up at Holt Hall. We had so much fun and intensive painting and the odd glass of wine but, like all good things, it had to come to an end, prices were going up and it could be rather stressful at times sorting out menus, models, poses, bedrooms, monies etc.
I did miss the group though so hence the get together in Blakeney.
This was organised way back before I had any thoughts of breaking my ankle. How was I going to manage. Frank did even question whether or not I should even go. Wild horses wouldn't have kept me away and I had plenty of offers of help.

I managed to pare the oil kit down to a minimum so that if fitted on the back of the wheelchair

Sun at Blakeney

High Tide Blakeney

It was a bit colder the next day at Cromer. There was no way I was going down the steep ramp to paint on the front so chose a vantage point from the top.

Frozen at Cromer

View from Wiveton Hall

 A good spot to go have lunch and paint was Wiveton Hall Farm. Quite a group of us decided to paint there as it was sheltered from the wind a bit. The painting below was a quickie as I was waiting for everyone to pack up. I enjoyed this one

Salthouse is a favorite spot and these two were painted on two consecutive days. There were some amazing skies but you had to be so quick to capture them, either that or have a photographic memory


Dun Cow, Salthouse

It really was a fantastic week and I am indebted to Ted, Corry Kooy's husband, for taking my wheelchair to all the locations in his car and for pushing me around. I will definitely be organising another reunion of the Holt Hall gang.
This was all very good preparation for the following week when I am taking part in Paint out Norwich. A two day painting competition with 27 other selected artists in the city of Norwich.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Good News, Friends & a Birthday

The first bit of good news
Last week my good friend Michael Richardson kindly took six of my paintings down to London for for the Society of United Artists' Candidates Days. I am really pleased to say that they liked my work and I am now elected as an associate member. Woo Hoo, letters after my name Mo Teeuw IEA AUA
(The IEA is the Institute of East Anglian Artists) I now need to prepare paintings for the next exhibition which is at Bankside Gallery (next to Tate Modern)
Second bit of good news is that I had a painting accepted for the Eastern Open. Submissions were high this year and only 80 were selected out of over 400 so, very pleased about that.
Third bit of arty news is, I am one of 30 artists chosen to take part in the first Paint Out in Norwich. Seven locations to paint in and around Norwich allocated randomly. The one that worries me most is being picked to paint on the roof of the Forum. Don't think I'll manage that with crutches or wheelchair. To be honest I don't know how I AM going to manage but I am determined to give it my best. Very good friend Helen has offered her assistance.

Last Saturday was my birthday (don't they come round quickly now?)
I'm blessed with wonderful family and friends, So many cards, lunch out on Friday with Mandy, Sunday Lunch with friends Sally and Jerry in Nettleham, flowers from Adam & Wanda, lovely presents from all the family, lunch today with daughter in law Jo and promises of more from Sue and Jane.
I was taken out yesterday by my mate Ann, I was going to treat her to lunch for taking me to the hospital (cast check) Poor girl arrived to find me hardly able to speak. An hour earlier I'd had had three teeth extracted, including two wisdom teeth and my mouth was packed with wadding to try and stem the bleeding. Needless to say I didn't feel like eating much. In fact all I had for the rest of the day was a banana and a bowl of soup.  I did buy her a coffee at the hospital though.

Why did I have three teeth out? well, all of a sudden I have lost my 'bite'. Very embarassing when you bite into a sanwich and the filling is left hanging out of your mouth! It seems things have moved around and as they are crowded anyway the Orthodontist recommended the removal of one front bottom tooth and two top wisdom teeth
Next step teeth wise is to have a brace fitted - at my age!!! This will be on for at least six months.
My crooked teeth have never bothered me but I am looking forward to having them straight at last