Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Good News, Friends & a Birthday

The first bit of good news
Last week my good friend Michael Richardson kindly took six of my paintings down to London for for the Society of United Artists' Candidates Days. I am really pleased to say that they liked my work and I am now elected as an associate member. Woo Hoo, letters after my name Mo Teeuw IEA AUA
(The IEA is the Institute of East Anglian Artists) I now need to prepare paintings for the next exhibition which is at Bankside Gallery (next to Tate Modern)
Second bit of good news is that I had a painting accepted for the Eastern Open. Submissions were high this year and only 80 were selected out of over 400 so, very pleased about that.
Third bit of arty news is, I am one of 30 artists chosen to take part in the first Paint Out in Norwich. Seven locations to paint in and around Norwich allocated randomly. The one that worries me most is being picked to paint on the roof of the Forum. Don't think I'll manage that with crutches or wheelchair. To be honest I don't know how I AM going to manage but I am determined to give it my best. Very good friend Helen has offered her assistance.

Last Saturday was my birthday (don't they come round quickly now?)
I'm blessed with wonderful family and friends, So many cards, lunch out on Friday with Mandy, Sunday Lunch with friends Sally and Jerry in Nettleham, flowers from Adam & Wanda, lovely presents from all the family, lunch today with daughter in law Jo and promises of more from Sue and Jane.
I was taken out yesterday by my mate Ann, I was going to treat her to lunch for taking me to the hospital (cast check) Poor girl arrived to find me hardly able to speak. An hour earlier I'd had had three teeth extracted, including two wisdom teeth and my mouth was packed with wadding to try and stem the bleeding. Needless to say I didn't feel like eating much. In fact all I had for the rest of the day was a banana and a bowl of soup.  I did buy her a coffee at the hospital though.

Why did I have three teeth out? well, all of a sudden I have lost my 'bite'. Very embarassing when you bite into a sanwich and the filling is left hanging out of your mouth! It seems things have moved around and as they are crowded anyway the Orthodontist recommended the removal of one front bottom tooth and two top wisdom teeth
Next step teeth wise is to have a brace fitted - at my age!!! This will be on for at least six months.
My crooked teeth have never bothered me but I am looking forward to having them straight at last

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  1. Hello Mo,
    You certainly have been through the mill lately! Congratulations on the UA appointment. I'll have to get over for the exhibition when it's on as it only takes me 35 mins to get into London. Allthe best.



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