Thursday, 20 November 2014

Brancaster Paint Out

Haidee and I decided it was about time we had another meet up in Brancaster. We agreed on Monday 17th November and put the info on the Plein Air Uk Facebook page.
We weren't quite expecting the response we got. Well over twenty people said that they would be coming so I phoned the pub, The Jolly Sailors to reserve a couple of their large tables.
Things get in the way and other things crop up so in the end fifteen artists convened at Brancaster.
As I still can't drive, Frank dropped me off after a lovely relaxing weekend at our cottage on the N Norfolk coast (Haidee was taking me home).

Although I am not in a wheelchair anymore, I didn't think it was wise to stand for too long so had to sit to paint

I did two paintings from this position. I would have preferred to move but the effort was too much to think about

Time flew by - time for the pub!!

Lunch at the Jolly Sailors

We had a great time getting to know all the newbies and chatting about painting. I was impressed at far some people had traveled. We had people from Brighton, Grantham, Cambridge, Lincoln, London and Bungay 
After lunch some of us went and painted from the common. Why had I never been there before? The views were stunning and the light was just right. Clouds casting shadows with bursts of sunlight.
We didn't have long as the light was fading so managed this quicky.

Cloud Shadows over Brancaster

 There was a fantastic sunset but we had to hit the road and admire it whilst driving. I am looking forward to the next meet up. I'm sure most of the group will return too

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  1. Hello Mo, I'm happy to have connected with you via the blog hop - I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say on Friday.

    Thank you for your kind words on my post - I think I'm just wordy! Once I get going it can be hard to stop...

    I love your paintings and am wondering if you always work on location, and bring things to completion? But perhaps I should wait for Friday for the answer to that!

    Btw - don't know if you know this but I live in East Anglia - Suffolk coast to be precise. It's a small world, isn't it!


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