Friday, 13 February 2015

Acrylic demo's at March

These two acrylic paintings were done for the March art society. 
Both are on canvas board and are 14' x 18'
It's a while since I last used acrylic paints. They are very useful for layering up the colours, something I have been trying out more with my oils of late.

Norfolk Beach from a sketch

 I completely lost this first one half way through and had to scrape back quite a bit then carried on with the palette knife. Was quite pleased with it in the end. A good example for the group of how not to give up on a painting.

Brancaster Staithe from the Common, from oil sketch

 The light was very bad in the room we used and only when I got the picture outside could I see how strong the colours were. I used the knife a lot in this picture, something I haven't done with acrylics before. I found it worked well.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sleaford Allotments

What a grey day to go painting, I didn't care as I was meeting up with my dear friend Haidee for a catch up lunch and a bit of painting.
Was so good to see her again, we couldn't believe that it had been last November when we last organised a 'paint out' in Brancaster.. After our delicious lunch of goat's cheese tart at the Heckington Farm cafe we headed off to the allotments for a spot of painting. They were massive and very well kept. We had a good walk round before deciding on our spot to paint. We stayed near each other so we could continue to chat.
We both have a very different approach to a painting. Haidee has a very good eye for composition and homes in on a subject where as I tend to take on the bigger picture. We were serenaded by a little Robin that continued to sing his heart out all the time we were painting. This was punctuated by a very noisy turkey not far away. The turkey looked to be missing a few feathers and was quite a character, he found his way into Haidee's picture. I chose a view of the river, liking the close colours and flat light.

The River by the Allotments

 The light didn't alter much all afternoon which made a nice change from rushing to capture something like a sunset. The only thing that stopped us in the end was the fact it was very cold and getting dark. After saying goodbye I drove home with a big smile on my face.

The Compost Bin

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Snow at Last

I've been hoping for snow. Especially during my paint out in January challenge. Well, it finally arrived so got out there as quick as I could before it disappeared again.
The roads were very icy so I didn't go far.
The sun came out as I got there creating wonderful colours on the snow but I could see a big wall of cloud on the horizon behind me.
I managed three before the snow finally caught up with me and prevented any more painting.

Misty Sun on Snow

Towards Whaplode Church

More Snow on it's Way