Friday, 13 February 2015

Acrylic demo's at March

These two acrylic paintings were done for the March art society. 
Both are on canvas board and are 14' x 18'
It's a while since I last used acrylic paints. They are very useful for layering up the colours, something I have been trying out more with my oils of late.

Norfolk Beach from a sketch

 I completely lost this first one half way through and had to scrape back quite a bit then carried on with the palette knife. Was quite pleased with it in the end. A good example for the group of how not to give up on a painting.

Brancaster Staithe from the Common, from oil sketch

 The light was very bad in the room we used and only when I got the picture outside could I see how strong the colours were. I used the knife a lot in this picture, something I haven't done with acrylics before. I found it worked well.

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  1. You are as accomplished with a knife as with the brush. I really like both of these and to think they were demos is pretty amazing.


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