Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Downham Market Art Group

Don't you just love sat navs??? Having set off in good time, I arrived at Downham Market and spent ten minutes driving around a housing estate. It was like a rabbit warren, I totally lost sense of direction in the dark and was being told to take a U turn every twenty yards. When I finally emerged onto a main road, I pulled in and put in the name of the road, no need to put in the Academy bit, I mean, how can you miss a school?? Answer - easily. About a mile out of town a nice man in a garage pointed me back in the right direction. Had I not had to slow down for a chap turning right I might have missed it again but I followed this car into a dark car park and 'bingo'.
As it happens I wasn't late and had plenty of time to set up.
There was a very good turn out, didn't have a chance to count heads but there must have been 30/40 there.

I worked in acrylics and to be honest I think I spent too long on it, I went back into the sky and fiddled with the foreground - I must learn to paint slower.

Hunstanton Demo 14" x 18"

 We stopped after an hour for coffee and then I was asked to do some trees so I chose to copy a plein air study I did in Dedham last year.

Cows at Dedham 10" x 12"

This 12" x 10" picture took even less time so I had finished well before 9pm so I fielded a few questions and gave a few more hints and tips about painting plein air

Landscape demo

All in all a successful evening and I have a feeling it won't be the last time I see the group at Downham Market. They are a great group and there was a lot of interest in my painting holiday too.
At least I know how to get there now.

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  1. Hi Mo.
    Brilliant work and text. it`s good to see your work. I love your style of painting. Looking forward to your next posting. All the best Mo.


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