Friday, 13 March 2015

Flowers n Things

Several artists were approached to help promote the South Holland open art exhibition by giving a talks and demonstrations in local venues. .John Gray gave a well attended talk about his work at the Poacher last Monday and my contribution was a talk and demonstration at Flowers n Things, our local florist.

People bought tickets at £5 for the talk, tea and cake. I was pleased with the turn out as it wasn't that well advertised. I had done most of it via Facebook.
What to paint, well I could hardly stand in a shop full of beautiful flowers and arrangements and paint a landscape. So, flowers it was then. I chose one of the bouquets that had been prepared for Mother's Day. Now I do have to say that flowers are not really my 'thing' so I was a bit apprehensive as to how it would turn out, especially as there were quite a few artists that had bought tickets.
I had to work fairly quickly as Frank and I had to be at a friends house in Louth (an hour 15 mins away) by 6pm and I didn't start to paint until 4pm. I soon warmed to my subject and fortunately had a good range of colours with me. Magenta and King's Blue proved to be very useful for the hyacinths and tulips.

18" x 14" oil - Flowers for Mother's Day

All in all I was pleased with the results and Frank arrived at 4pm to help me pack away and hit the road to Louth . I was now relaxed and ready for an evening wine tasting with some very good friends.
We arrived in good time at Julie & Phil's house with enough time to spare for a glass of Prosecco. Our taxi dropped us off at Magpies in Horncastle at 7pm
Before dinner we sampled four white and four red wines and were talked through the regions and vineyards of France.. After this we had the most amazing four course meal - a different wine to accompany each course and finally a dessert with a very fine dessert wine. Back at Louth again I declined the offer of a brandy and I have to say - I slept very well.


  1. These are lovely. I think flowers ARE your thing!! :-)

  2. Thank you Sheila. I have to say, I did enjoy painting them. 😊


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