Thursday, 12 March 2015

More Demos

Last Friday I traveled to Norfolk to the East Rudham art group. They had asked for an acrylic landscape. I tried to take my time over it as I usually end up finishing too quickly. It obviously isn't my style as it ended up tight and too many colours and  - no you can't see it. The group were very polite about it and I suppose it did look better in  a frame.
They were keen to have a go so they will be meeting this Friday to have a go in the style of...
I wish I was able to call in but have to be elsewhere on Friday.

From there it was on to the cottage for a relaxing weekend - huh!!!
We tackled the garden, trimming hedges, borders, cherry tree and lawn. Sunday morning was gorgeous weather so we got up early to stretch the muscles out with a walk at Cromer , then back for a cooked breakfast.. I was looking forward to going to Norwich in the afternoon as my dear, talented friend Liz Balkwill was having a private view at Mandells Gallery. There was a very good turn out and several red spots.. A successful and impressive exhibition - well done Liz. Looking forward to the 28th when the exhibition comes down and I can collect my own purchase.

Wednesday night I set off to Newark to give a demo in oils. I do like using oils for demonstrating. Most groups ask for acrylic. There was a good crowd of approx 30. I chatted for a while before giving the first demo.

14" x 18" Oil Frosty Fields

I used one of my oil sketches from January. The group have a cmaera and projector which means it is easy for everyone to see and I don't have to worry too much about having my back to folk. The colours on the screen were a bit odd though.

After coffee I did another from my sketches

14" x 18" oil Late Afternoon, Moulton

I was quite pleased with this but felt the sky was too blue, I was tempted to change it but the general consensus of opinion was to leave it - I may just get it on the easel and have a another look.

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