Friday, 11 September 2015

Day 11 of 30 Wells

Today was the last day of the Wells Next the Sea Paint Out - a three day painting competition organised by the same lovely people that did Paint Out Norwich. I would like to have joined in but you can't do everything.
I did pop along today to see everyone  and managed to squeeze in a very quick painting.

Wells Next The Sea 8" x 8" oil on board

It was so good to see the artists, some of whom I painted with in Norwich last year and some I knew of but hadn't met before.

This was also a trial run for painting out with Barney. He is now 8 months old and getting calmer. I had to leave him on his own while I did the workshop this week and although he was good I don't think he likes being on his own too much and I don't like to leave him
He was brilliant and sat by my easel as I painted. He sat by my feet when we went aboard the boat which was the hub for the artists. (Had to carry him up the gangplank though) Also, he was good and quiet in the car, it's over an hours drive to Wells and I didn't hear a murmur. Barney is the reason I have been painting so many still life pics, now I know he's ok I may be able to get back out plein airing again.

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