Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Day 9 of 30 Demo 3

Last day of workshop today and am claiming yesterday demo as a pic for today

Demo 3 Lemon & Knife 8" x8" oil on board

I have had the most amazing three days running a workshop for some lovely people. it wasn't so much a workshop, more of a house party. Today everyone painted a tonal still life's using Burnt Umber after my demo using the same.

Out of focus tonal demo!

 Then, before yet another amazing lunch everyone sat around drinking Prosecco while I did a painting of the lovely pine trees surrounding the property.

Demo, with Prosecco!!!


Not the best picture I have to say and would like to have another crack at it sometime.

All seemed to have a good time and I could definitely see a lot of progress that people had made. Down to me??? Maybe not, just the fact that they had had three days concentrating on painting oils (a first for some) but great for me to be there and hopefully aid their progress - I LOVE my job.

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