Friday, 10 June 2016


Patchings Art Festival at Calverton near Nottingham just gets better. It was a hot day and the art clubs were out in force. Coaches seemed to have come from far and wide. I didn’t arrive until early afternoon so was directed to a third car park which was also pretty full.
The atmosphere was wonderful with a brass band playing. There are several tents with artists giving demonstrations and workshops. Malcolm Cudmore, our April demonstrator, had just finished running his workshop so we had a quick chat.
I wandered into the marquee where artists have their own stands. It is very well laid out and leads you though in a zig zag so you don’t miss anyone. Most of the stands have the artist demonstrating and all are happy to chat and give advice.
Linda Matthews was there promoting a Brush With the Broads. This will be the third year she has run it. Just round the corner was a Cornish artist that I know, she was flanked by our May demonstrator Tim Fisher and on the other side was Mr Wooley demonstrating and selling his ‘wonder brush’. There were quite a few other artists that I knew having travelled and painted with them at various Plein Air Competitions and festivals so it was slow progress getting round the marquee. I had a long chat with Haidee-Jo Summers, our demonstrator last Christmas. She is selling her new DVD which is also available on her  website -
All in all, there were over 60 artists demonstrating their skills, most of them with their paintings and greetings cards on show to buy.
The next marquee is dedicated to materials and art shops. One of my first calls was to Rosemary Brushes where, needless to say, I spent a fortune, only because I bought so many, they are such good value. I was also pleased to find Vicki Norman there promoting Michael Harding paints, that was a credit card job!
I managed to resist all the other promotions and discounts as I went round the rest of the exhibitors.
The next Marquee was mostly crafts. Anything from glassware, knitting, woodwork to sculpture. I did a little bit of retail therapy with a nice man selling amazing homemade soaps and candles.
I suddenly realised that it had gone a bit quiet – it was almost closing time and I hadn’t been to see the exhibition so it was a quick dash down to the main building where The Artist exhibition was being held. I was pleased I did, as I was delighted to see that I had won The Arist Exhibition Award and the Royal Talens Award.
What a wonderful day, I drove home with a big smile on my face.


  1. Hi Mo,
    I visited Patchings yesterday too, and like you spent a fortune on Rosemary & Co brushes.
    Congratulations on winning TWO awards. I loved the painting. Very well deserved.


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