Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Visitors From Holland

Last Wednesday my dear friend Corry and husband Ted paid us a visit.Corry had a painting in the Artist exhibition at Patchings. So on Thursday we went to the show. So many artists offering their wares and there were demonstrations in every media. The exhibition itself  was a very high standard as usual. Corry was delighted to win a prize for her pastel of a new born calf. Well deserved too.
It was a good day out and I can home with a new supply of Rosemary brushes and Michael Harding paint.
The following day Corry & Ted went to Norfolk to stay for a few days. .I Joined Corry on the Saturday to go and paint at Felbrigg Hall

Felbrigg Gardens 8" x 8"

The Dove Cote. Felbrigg 8" x 8" oil

The gardens were full of visitors but I managed to stay tucked in out of the way. I returned home early Sunday morning (before either Corry or Ted were up) as Frank and I were visiting friends in the North of the county for lunch. I managed to sneak into the studio first and got another painting done for my forthcoming exhibition.
Monday morning I was back on the road for Norfolk. Corry and I went to Blakeney as the tide was high 

High Tide, Blakeney

From here we went to Wiveton Hall of the 'Normal for Norfolk ' fame (BBC series) I painted chickens whilst Corry painted Chloe 102 year old mother of Desmond, the Halls owner.

Wiveton Hall, chickens. 8" x 8" oil

Tuesday was much cooler. Our first stop was Salthouse. I had to tape my pallet to my easel as it was so windy 

Salthouse 10" x 12" oil

Coffee time took us back to Wiveton Hall. It was very busy as the TV program had aired the previous night. We met Chloe and Charlotte walking back from the cafe and made arrangements for us both to paint her.
Corry managed a brilliant portrait in between her nodding off. I chose to paint the sleeping position as it was more constant 

102 year old Chloe enjoying the sun

Charlotte that cares for Chloe liked the picture and as she was such a kind and generous lady I gave her the painting. 
I look forward to going back to paint at Wiveton. I was made to feel so welcome. Looking forward now to the next episode of Normal 4 Norfolk 


  1. oh Mo, so nice to read what we did the whole week, you are so cleaver in internet and painting. Much love, Corry

    1. Thank you Corry, yes, we had so much fun.

  2. Wow! These are all so great. Really love the light in chickens :)


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