Thursday, 14 May 2020

Garden Transformation

We had a bit of a storm!

We have been living at Mulberry House for over 35 years now and have made a lot of changes to the garden. There weren't a lot of trees when we moved in but these conifers were here and are/were over 100 years old.
Over the years we have lost two and then when the storm hit, another went down. We were lucky the it didn't do any damage to the building behind or to the wall. You can see that it wasn't very deep rooted. We made the decision to have the other three conifers taken down as they too were in danger of falling. You can see the prop we put in after the previous storm as the tree leaned quite a bit

6th February

The storm strikes

 18th March

They have to go
First one comes down
You can see from the stump how far from the wall first to come down was. We have never been able to grow any thing in that area as it's always so dry. This was then a good opportunity to redesign this area of the garden. To be honest, it couldn't of come at a better time as we are in lockdown and there were no excuses not to get on with it

21st March

Bit of clearing up to do
Clearing the site took longer than we had thought possible.
We were lucky in our timing that we were able to visit a local nursery before total lockdown. We ordered some trees to go along the wall to break it up plus two ornamental trees to give a bit of height to the new area.

We had a delivery date so - no slacking!!

25th March

Clear - now what?
Once the area was clear , we were surprised at the extra space we had gained. We hadn't moved any plants or shrubs, it was just a dead area. Looking at it we decided to sweep the lawn in a bit more to reduce the width. We were at this point, in the picture above, waiting to get some turf.

29th March

Trees go in 
The trees arrived. Five 'Pyrus callryana Chanticleer' in 60ltr bags approx 16 feet tall. They took some getting in. We couldn't enlist any help because of isolating but we managed. 
The dogs, I have to say, were not a lot of help!. The ground was very dry so the stakes took a bit of hammering in, that I left entity to Frank although I did helpfully hold it still while he bashed it.

30th March

Trees planted 
Nathan had taken up some slabs from his old house and stored them at work. Having asked Jo if she needed them first, we brought them back to build a patio to re-site an existing arbour. While I painted the arbour with some paint I'd bought for another job,  Frank laid the patio. We had enough slabs to make a path weaving through the border to the seat.

Planted up path to seating area
Gedney Bulb Company produce a wonderful range of perennials, some of which we sell in our spring season at Gee Tee, I phoned Phil up and he delivered almost 100 plants to our warehouse. A lot of the order were alpine and low growing paints to soften the edges of path and patio.

8th April

Arbour in place
Once the arbour was in place the planting began. we started to move some more established shrubs and also some larger shrubs that we had in pots. Having got those in place it was time to fill in the gaps with Lupins, Delphiniums, Scabious and Rudbeckia  (from Phil) as well as the dahlias and seedlings I'd had growing in the greenhouse. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed we don't get a frost.

Frank came up with the idea of putting trellis on the wall. Great - that meant I could grow clematis and other climbers. Not sure whose idea it was but it seemed a good one at the time - we painted them black. It looks stunning but not a job I would recommend

12th May

Black trellis

14th May

Filling up

 14th May

Looking Better
There are still a few plants to go in and we are at this point we are waitting for the peony and lupins to flower. The Dahlias are pushing their way through the soiled making good progress too.

13th May

View from the arbour

Windmill & Mulberry tree from the seat
It is a joy now to sit and enjoy the view of our garden from a different angle. Of course - it wouldn't be the same without a well earned glass of chilled white wine, after all I think we deserve it - Cheers

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