Friday, 8 July 2016

Acrylic demo at King's Lynn

Old Hunstanton From Holme 10" x 14" acrylic

 An enjoyable day at King's Lynn where 20+ plus enthusiastic artists attended my acrylic workshop.

I started the day with a demonstration taken from a watercolour I'd done earlier of Old Hunstanton.
I handed out photocopies of the painting for the group to paint their own version based on my demo.
I don't like to do a 'paint along' as everyone works at their own speed and also I find it discourages people from doing their own thing with the painting.

In the afternoon I gave another demonstration of how I tackle a sky

Blakeney Marshes 18" x 14" acrylic demo

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

An Experiment

I had two very similar subjects that I wanted to try. I decided to try out two different colour schemes.

I put the two resulting pictures on my yesterday and asked people that follow me which one they preferred, Blue or Grey. The result was really interesting. I would have thought that a more colourful picture would have got the vote but it is definitely the Grey.
It also goes to show the power of FB and how useful it can be to artists. It is not always about getting the 'likes'. I do find it very difficult to judge my own work.

I have since 'played' with the 'Blue' picture and knocked back the Blue - I prefer it now too.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Demo at Wokingham

Cley Mill 14" x 18" acrylic

Had a great trip down to Wokingham Art Society a few weeks ago. There was a massive turn out and the group were very friendly. I did an acrylic demo of Cley Mill which I managed to knock off the easel and spill water on just as I'd finished it!! Here is the 'repaired' painting. Member Sam Dauncey gave me a lovely write up on their web site and a step by step account of my process. Follow the link to read it…/Teeuw.htm…

Friday, 10 June 2016


Patchings Art Festival at Calverton near Nottingham just gets better. It was a hot day and the art clubs were out in force. Coaches seemed to have come from far and wide. I didn’t arrive until early afternoon so was directed to a third car park which was also pretty full.
The atmosphere was wonderful with a brass band playing. There are several tents with artists giving demonstrations and workshops. Malcolm Cudmore, our April demonstrator, had just finished running his workshop so we had a quick chat.
I wandered into the marquee where artists have their own stands. It is very well laid out and leads you though in a zig zag so you don’t miss anyone. Most of the stands have the artist demonstrating and all are happy to chat and give advice.
Linda Matthews was there promoting a Brush With the Broads. This will be the third year she has run it. Just round the corner was a Cornish artist that I know, she was flanked by our May demonstrator Tim Fisher and on the other side was Mr Wooley demonstrating and selling his ‘wonder brush’. There were quite a few other artists that I knew having travelled and painted with them at various Plein Air Competitions and festivals so it was slow progress getting round the marquee. I had a long chat with Haidee-Jo Summers, our demonstrator last Christmas. She is selling her new DVD which is also available on her  website -
All in all, there were over 60 artists demonstrating their skills, most of them with their paintings and greetings cards on show to buy.
The next marquee is dedicated to materials and art shops. One of my first calls was to Rosemary Brushes where, needless to say, I spent a fortune, only because I bought so many, they are such good value. I was also pleased to find Vicki Norman there promoting Michael Harding paints, that was a credit card job!
I managed to resist all the other promotions and discounts as I went round the rest of the exhibitors.
The next Marquee was mostly crafts. Anything from glassware, knitting, woodwork to sculpture. I did a little bit of retail therapy with a nice man selling amazing homemade soaps and candles.
I suddenly realised that it had gone a bit quiet – it was almost closing time and I hadn’t been to see the exhibition so it was a quick dash down to the main building where The Artist exhibition was being held. I was pleased I did, as I was delighted to see that I had won The Arist Exhibition Award and the Royal Talens Award.
What a wonderful day, I drove home with a big smile on my face.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Paint Out Norwich 2015

I was lucky to be chosen again this year to take part in PON. In all 40 artists were selected. We painted over two days. A location of our choice in the in the morning and in the afternoon a different spot. Each time we were allowed three hours to paint.
The first day was glorious. I painted in the market place.

The Basket stall, Norwich Market 12" x 10" oil on board

 After handing in my wet painting I got the next canvas stamped and went off to paint in Pottergate. The sun was casting wonderful light across the road.

Pottergate, Norwich 14" x 18" oil on linen canvas

Unfortunately the next day, Wednesday, we had rain, not deterred  we all headed out into the city, I managed to find shelter under the canopy of Jarrolds department store. I looked towards the flower stall that I painted last year, a favourite subject for a lot of artists.

Reflections, Norwich 10" x 10" oil on board

As the rain eased off I went to Elm Hill in the afternoon, the light on the wet cobbles as a challenge.

Elm Hill 18" x 14" oil on linen

On Thursday we had a free morning and were then taken by bus to Mousehold Heath for lunch after which we painted from the heath which has wonderful views over the city. It was a special day as it was open to the public to join us in a mass paint out. Over 100 artists painted on the heath that day - what a sight!

After we framed our wet paintings they were taken to The Hostry at Norwich Cathedral to be hung for the Private view and auction on the Friday night. Each artist chose one painting for the auction with a reserve, I picked my painting of the flower stall in the rain. It's nerve racking seeing your painting going under the hammer but I was pleased with the result and met the lovely buyers afterwards. They asked me to pose with the painting.
After the auction, prize winners were announced, the last thing I was expecting was to win anything as the standard was so high so, I was more than shocked to win overall second prize and delighted I must say.

Second Prize!!!

Paint Out Norwich is one of the most organised and best put together events I ever been to. There is such a fantastic team of people that work so well together - and they are SO nice.
If you are even just a little bit tempted to apply for next years event, I would say - "go for it"

Keep an eye on their web site  Paint Out Norwich

Monday, 26 October 2015


2nd - 9th October I was in Venice with my dear friend Felicity, unfortunately Haidee that organised the trip had to pull out at the last moment. I was very excited as, although I had been to Venice twice before, I'd never had the opportunity to paint. A fine American artist, Wyllis Heaton, that we met in Morocco was also going to join us..
The first day we headed down to the fish market where we met Lori McNee & Cory Wright from the States. Two very talented artists. We hit it off straight away and from there on dined together in the evenings.
Fish Market, Venice 8" x 8"
The Vegetable Market 8" x 8"

A quiet Corner 8" x 8"
We had a couple of days of rain but were still able to get out. The next three paintings were painted from a sheltered spot
Umbrellas in Venice 8" x 8"

Venetian Doorway 8" x 8"

Green Door, Venice 8" x 8"
One morning we got up really early to paint the sunrise. You had to be very quick to capture it and I kind of missed it but it was really nice to be in St Mark's square without all the tourists.

My favourite squares were right near our apartment

I apologise for the poor quality of the photos. I still haven't got round to taking proper photographs.
In all I completed 18 oil paintings in the week we were there. I can't wait to go back.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

30 in 30 completed

I did it, I managed to paint every day bar two this last month. I feel I have made progress as an artist. I have also learnt to discipline myself more. I have enjoyed the challenge in spite of it being a really busy month for me.
I am off to Venice on Friday for - yes , you guessed it - more painting.
here is a collage of some of the paintings I completed this last month.