Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Day 12. Warham

I confess, I didn't actually paint on Sunday. We had friends stay over at the cottage and when they left Frank and I went into Norwich. By the time we got back to cottage I was exhausted so, I decided not to beat myself up about it but just enjoy the time with my man.
On Monday I wandered through the back lanes of Norfolk on my way home to Lincolnshire and came across this delightful scene.

Warham, Norfolk 10" x 12" oil on board


It was lovely to paint with the sun on my face but was still pleased that I'd bought a pair of sallopets as was still only 6c

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  1. Lovely lovely paintings! I enjoy your work. Had to Google sallopets... never heard of them before. Don't ski and live in Florida so no need.


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