Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Day 15. Nottingham

Had a brilliant day. Met up with friend and fellow painter Gail Tointon and drove to Nottingham to see Haidee-Jo Summer's exhibition. Well worth a visit. It's an excellent show with some fabulous pictures.
Gail and I then headed off into town with our painting gear. We attracted quite a lot of interest as we set up on a busy thoroughfare. All par for the course. After just over an hour we had to thaw out in Costa before nipping back to see the progress Haidee had made on her portrait. (She has a different sitter for each day of her exhibition) It was going very well as we left. Hopefully we'll see the finished picture on Haidee's blog here you'll also get info about the exhibition.

Nottingham 10" x 12" oil on board

Here I am freezing in the town

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  1. Love it! Fabulous painting. Paint on your jacket:) Cold but worth it. What fun to set up in the street with a friend and just paint!


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