Sunday, 26 January 2014

Day 26. Cafetiere

Wet, wild and windy in Norfolk. Hadn't planned on going anywhere but then youngest son, Stephen turned up with our two grandsons. Rufus aged just four had his new bike in the car and was desperate to try it out in the park so, suitably wrapped off we went.
I was very impressed by the drawing that Rufus did of his new bike. He has his helmet on and the pic shows the back of Daddy's car as they had raced. Rufus won hence the medal in the corner. Note how his leg is behind the wheel.

By Rufus age 4

When they left I thought I'd better do my painting so, following the recent theme, I painted my cafetiere .

Cafetiere 12" x 10" oil on board


  1. Such a cute drawing, also love your painting. Just watched your oil demo for lovely to watch you painting.

  2. Love your painting, Rufus's work is very impressive!

    1. Yes Margaret - watch out for him in years to come.

  3. Watch out Mo - must be in the genes!

  4. Yes Peter. His Daddy is PD good too.

  5. Great drawing by Rufus! Is Stephen the Stephen Teeuw who recently exhibited in the Mall Galleries? I did wonder when I came across his name on the wall. Very talented family!
    Happy painting, Sharon

  6. Hi Sharon. Yes Stephen is our son. Very proud of his abilities, very useful too. He;s always been able to give me a good critique.


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