Thursday, 9 January 2014

Day 9. Brancaster Staithe

Set off for Brancaster this morning in the rain. 'Of course it will be fine when I get there' - it wasn't!
Met up with Helen and Gail and went for a walk, not far as we got rather wet. Nothing else for it, we headed to the pub for a coffee.
By 11.30 rain had stopped so we set up overlooking the marshes by the White Horse pub. 'Twas VERY windy and cold but we persevered until 2 pm when it was time to thaw out again in the pub.
I had fully intended to paint again after lunch but having finally thawed out in front of a nice fire, the marsh kind of lost it's appeal plus the fact that we'd had a lovely lunch and arty chat and suddenly it was 4pm!
Anyway for what it's worth here is my effort for today.

Marshes at Brancaster Statithe  10" x 12"  oil on board


  1. l'm happy I found your blog .... really like your work. Regardless of the weather you painted a beautiful piece.

  2. Lovely colours in this one, very nice!


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