Thursday, 19 January 2017

30 in 30 Day 19

Late Summer, Pin Mill 12" x 12" oil on canvas board


This was painted over an older painting that had been sanded down.
The cloud shapes were painted first using Bluish Grey and Old Holland Blue Grey. The blue of the sky was painted with the Old Holland Blue Grey with a small amount of Brown Grey mixed in with it Titanium White was added towards the horizon.
Take care to leave a space between the blue of the sky and the dark of the clouds as you do not want to pick up any of the dark paint , it would mix in with the blue of the sky and muddy it, you want to keep the blue clean. The gap that was left is now painted using warm light yellow brown grey to tint Titanium white this is applied quite thickly. Using a small number to flat brush now blend the two colours together. Taking the white into the grey and vice versa you will probably need to use your finger for the softer blending
The foreground was painted with bluish grey and the walkway, Yellow Ochre was added to make the darker green.
Blue Gray was used for the highlights, the lightest area being at the back of the barge to give good counterchange.  
The lighter green was Blue Grey and Yellow Ochre
The dark of the barge is Ultramarine and Cadmium Red with the smallest amount of Yellow Ochre to stop it looking purple.
The mast was painted in with the use of a piece of card. Run the card through the dark mix make sure there isn't too much paint or it will smudge and carefully apply the card to the painting and give a small downward movement and then lift off. The same method is used for the rigging; make sure the card is the right length.  It is useful to have several pieces of card of different lengths available to you.
There was on the day a lot of reflection on the mud but I kept the light areas and a few flicks of light to the center of the picture and the foreground remains dark to focus attention around the barge.


I welcome your comments and am open to positive criticism.