Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Day 6 of 30 or why you should paint eggs

Eggs 8" x 6"

I put a couple of eggs in yesterday's painting and it made me think what a perfect thing they are to paint.
If you have never painted an egg before then, you should.

Here are some of the pros
1. you won't spend ages drawing it
2. It's a gentle curve so you can practice blending tones
3. You can paint several in a short space of time
4. You will have to look carefully for subtle colour changes and reflected light
5. Because it's not a big subject it's easier to experiment with edges, try blending and smudging 
6. Try using minimal brush strokes 
7. Play with different colours in background 

And then there are the possibilities of the cracked egg - I think I could go on but I won't because it time to paint eggs !

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