Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Self Imposed Isolation

Two weeks after our return from Vietnam, the country is in virtual lock down because of the Corona Virus. Hotels we stayed at in Vietnam have closed. two weeks later and I think we would have had a very different holiday. Still, best not to dwell on that but just to hope that it doesn't knock those lovely people too hard, same goes for the rest of the world.

Meanwhile we are advised to keep social distancing and to avoid unnecessary travel. Now this is where being an artist is an advantage. We can easily work from home or find an isolated spot to go and paint.

I have decided to use this time to try and get to grips with water soluble oils. I have had some that I was given ages ago. When I first got them I topped up with my favourite colours and gave them a go. Couldn't get on at all, so, put them on the shelf to gather dust.
Recently I have become more concerned about the use of solvents and also have been inspired by the lovely paintings by my friend Valerie Pirlot who only uses ws oils. so, I have dusted them off and been playing .
The main thing I've had to bear in mind is that I am playing, not trying to produce masterpieces -(mind you, it would be good if it happened)

This is the first effort. I set up a still life using a lovely colourful pot that I bought on holiday. Was actually quiet pleased with this. I found that I had all the colours I needed too

This picture was taken from a photo taken on the beach at Hoi An. The beach was a stone's throw from our hotel, I only got the chance to walk there on the last morning as we'd been so busy. I could have spent the whole week painting there if I wasn't with Frank & friends (didn't take paints for that reason)
Got on quiet well with the mixing here too

One of the highlights of the holiday was a three day cruise on Halong bay. Again this was taken from a photograph. I am finding that the paints are not drying as quickly as my regular paints so started using a drying medium. This is fine when I remembered to use it but I found that it does make the paint a bit slippery. Even using softer brushes I couldn't layer up the paint so I resorted to using a pallet knife. I like the effect it has given.
The little junk with red sails was a real gift

This 12" x 12" painting I really did struggle with. It started off ok with thin layers but as I built up the thickness, I could not get the effect I wanted on the daffodils. The paint got very slippery. The yellows I have are not opaque so added white which wasn't the colour I needed. I also couldn't get the light shining through the trumpet of the right hand daffodil because adding white flattened the colour too much.

I shall persevere as Valerie did say it took her quite a few paintings before she got used to them. Meanwhile, I shall just have fun and not worry too much about the results. Click here to check out Valeries' materials list if you are interested in trying them. Her website has  some useful information as well as showing her lovely paintings

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