Sunday, 15 September 2013

Day 15 of 30

Today was a challenge. I went to Weybourne beach, about two miles from the cottage. I knew it would be windy but wasn't quite prepared for how windy. First job was to tape the pallet to the easel and weigh every thing down. I had to smile as I tried to add a delicate brush stroke and it ended up an inch off target as the wind caught my arm. Oh joy of joys here comes the rain! I have bought a good brolly that attaches to the easel but if I'd used that I'd have ended up in Cromer a couple of miles down the coast.
I persevered for another 15 minutes before admitting defeat.

Storm at Weybourne 10" x 8" oil

I would not normally have posted such a failure . I think this is one I will have to come back to.

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  1. Shows you what I know... I think the painting is lovely as it is. I do understand that you probably have something else in mind, but, I clicked on your image in the 30-30 simply because I thought the thumbnail looked interesting. And I think the painting is totally cool!


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