Monday, 16 September 2013

Day 16 of 30

Excellent workshop at Morston today. Weather was bracing but a few hardy souls ventured down to the quay.
I gave a quick oil demo to get people in the mood and gave lots of tips as I went along.
The skies have been fantastic the last few days here in Norfolk so this was the main focus of the demo.

Although I managed to get a couple of other little ones done today, I decided that the demo would be my no. 16

Blakeney 14" x 18" oil

I used my limited pallet but with the addition of Burnt Umber. It was a shame that the tide was not due to come in until mid afternoon. It will be an hour later tomorrow so if we are quick in the morning we may just catch it on the way out. I hope to get there bright and early.

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  1. This is lovely Mo! The clouds are fantastic and you've captured so much atmosphere in this painting.


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