Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Day 17 of 30

Wow, the two day workshop went sooo quickly. I have to say though, I am exhausted. Don't think I've sat down. Never mind everyone seemed to enjoy it and all produced some good work. I got quite a few to work outside their comfort zone and they were very pleased that they did, saying they learnt a lot. Next years dates have been fixed already (2nd & 3rd June).

Worked in acrylics today. I use the Atellier Interactive acrylics as I love their colour range, the buttery feel of them and the fact they dry so much slower than ordinary acrylics.

In this demonstration, I am working from a sketch I made yesterday. It was late afternoon and the tide was coming in. A large group started to gather waiting for the boat to out and visit the seals.
I have a slight variation in pallet, yellow Ochre, French Ultra, Burnt Umber, Brown Madder Alizarin, Cadmium Yellow Light and Titanium white.
On reflection I think I should have stained the board with Umber as I felt the overall effect was a bit pink. What do think?

Off to see the Seals, Morston


  1. Mo, I like this a lot. It is full of colour and I think umber would have dulled it down considerably.

  2. This is stunning Mo! I think it worked perfectly as you did it. You have a beautiful painterly style and this painting shows that you have a love of the landscape you paint. You really do it justice!

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