Monday, 23 September 2013

Day 23 of 30

Only had a half hour window today to paint. Been getting ready for some of my oldest, bestest friends to arrive. We all met at college - quite a long time ago.
On the way home home from yet another trip to the supermarket I was planning out what I could paint quickly. I started thinking about old friends and suddenly I knew what I was going to paint and here he is -

This little chap is even older than me!!! He's lost all his fur, poor thing but I still love him.
I phoned my friends to find out their eta. I had 3/4 of an hour.
I grabbed an old painting, turned it upside down an started painting.

It looks a bit confusing, but if you are focused on what you are painting, you don't see the original. I did pre mix some colours as I find this saves a lot of time. Anyway, here is the result.. I felt a bit pushed and would liked to have spent a bit longer on him.

If only I Could Talk 10"x 12" oil


  1. He's very sweet and says "thanks for painting me" (lol). I too love old things and old Teds.

  2. This is without a doubt the CUTEST painted Teddy Bear I have ever seen!!!

    Absolutely Precious!!!!

    Have fun with Day #24.


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