Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day 26 of 30

Sorry about today's subject. You may get the same theme again tomorrow too.
Every year I fully intend to create my own Christmas card and by the time I get around to thinking seriously about it, it's too late to get anything printed. So, hence the snowman.

Snowman 6" x 8" oil

Still not sure if I'll go for this picture but I'll get a few done and choose.


  1. He's rather sweet, I think. The last couple of years, I've been hoping-not-hoping for snow so that I can paint a local landmark under its blanket but not have to drive in it. (I walk to landmarks and use a camera for reference; I don't do cold well).

  2. Thanks for the reminder - this is a great way of getting ahead of schedule for Christmas cards. He's a rather endearing little chap. :-)

  3. This looks to be a cuddly snowman. So cute.


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